In Conversation with Akhtar Wani, a Certified Trainer and AHP Vital’s Star Athlete

Akhtar Wani is a certified fitness trainer who hails from the Kashmir Valley. Akhtar is a sponsored star athlete at AHP Vitals. AHP Vitals is the leading supplement store that provides all the vitamins and necessary health supplements at very affordable prices. Akhtar Wani is undoubtedly the best prep coach in Kashmir right now.

Akhtar Wani is a renowned trainer who has worked with premium gyms like Gold’s Gym, Snap Fitness etc., and continues to motivate people. Our team exclusively interviewed Akhtar to get insights of her personal and professional life. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

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Hello, Akhtar! How are you?

I’m very good, how are you?

I’m great too! 

Akhtar, can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

I’m Akhtar Wani, a certified fitness trainer from Kashmir. I have worked with several gyms and fitness clubs and I’m also a coach and the founder of Blood-and-Gutss. I also have my own gym in Kashmir, my hometown and I personally train people offline and online, as well by providing and organising online sessions and workshops. I’m an expert in bodybuilding and fat-loss.

What is Blood-and-Gutss about?

Blood and Gutss in the team of hardcore athletes and bodybuilders from Kashmir. I prepare and coach the fitness enthusiasts for body building and other fitness related contests. The Blood-and-Gutss team has the best athletes from Kashmir and have won multiple contests and events. 

Akhtar, how did you start your journey as a fitness trainer and what were the challenges that you faced?

The fitness industry always attracted me. Since my college days I was passionate about it and for this I switched my career from engineering to fitness trainer. This was altogether the biggest challenge for me. When I started this journey there were not many trainers, especially in Kashmir, still there are only handful of them. In a society where inly doctors and engineers are regarded and respected it was very challenging to switch my profession. During the initial days I was called out, criticised and what not. I firmly believe that when you’re doing something different from the society you are always criticised and that criticism gives you the motivation to do better.

But I kept going; the passion within me, the fire was much stronger than anything and now I have reached to s point where people admire what I do and respect my profession.

When you are a coach, a fitness trainer do you recommend supplements, if yes what are your recommendations as  a coach?

Our body needs proper vitamins and nutrition to work in the best possible way and give the best output. This is not possible with normal eating habits hence I prefer using supplements from AHP vitals, these are organic vitals that are extremely beneficial and organic for fitness training. They offer various products such as Multi-vitamins, Whey protein and other supplements that help you give the best. There products are certified and does not cause any side effect on body.

Since you have joined his fitness industry from engineering, over the time what are your achievements?

My biggest achievement of all is that I have trained top athletes from Kashmir and I have become first coach and trainer from the valley to prepare bodybuilders for amateur Olympia IHHF that was held in Mumbai, December 2021. Besides this in 2018 I was crowned as “Powerful Man of the year ” in a powerlifting meet that was held here in Kashmir.

Do you have any message for aspiring body-builders and trainers out there?

For aspiring trainers, I want to say struggles are a part of every journey and nothing great can be achieved without hurdles or struggles.  Ofcourse I too have faced a lot and sacrificed a lot, if you’re planning to jump into this field, you will to have to do it and for aspiring body-builders I want to convey that with proper guidance and mentorship one can achieve their dream body, consistency is the key.

You can know more about Akhtar Wani and connect to him via following link:

Akhtar Wani (@akhtar_wanii)