In Islam, hitting a woman is simply tapping her with love – Adv. Nizam A. Khan

A spokesman for Islam, Advocate Nizam Ali Khan, recently clarified a frequently misquoted Quranic verse during an interview in Hyderabad; In fact, it is verse 34 of chapter 4 of the Quran where Allah says: “If a woman becomes arrogant, strike her”. This Quranic verse is often misquoted by some biased media and enemies of Islam. They want to smear the good teachings of Islam by misinterpreting Quranic verses or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, Khan said. On the contrary, there is nothing in the Koran that allows a man to beat his wife. The Quran advises you to be kind to your wife: she should be respected and treated kindly, even if you no longer feel love for her in your heart. Khan dives into the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, where he says that the Prophet Muhammad advises being kind and respectful to his wife, and describes the best people as those who treat her well with their wives. He said, “The best people are those who treat their wives the best, and I am the best to my wives.” (Tirmidhi, 3895; Ibn Majah, 1977): The Prophet Muhammad said a beautiful saying about being kind to his wife, that when a husband feeds his wife and puts a piece of food in his mouth, he will get rewarded for completing their job an act of charity He said: “You never spend anything but will be rewarded, including the food I put in my wife’s mouth. (Bukhari, 6352; Muslim, 1628) The Prophet Muhammad said: “Fear Allah before women, for you have regarded them as Allah’s treasure and intimacy with them has been permitted by You by Your Right to them but they don’t allow anyone to sit on furniture you don’t like; if she does, hit her, but not very hard And her right over you is that you have to provide him and dress her properly (Report of the Muslims, 1218.

The saying of the Prophet Muhammad can be understood that a man has the right to beat his wife non-brutally and without harm if there is a reason, whether she did it against his will or not. . follow. He. If the wife opposes her husband, disobeys her husband, then he must reprimand her, leave her in bed and beat her. The blows are subject to the condition that they are non-violent or non-injurious. It’s like tapping for him to understand. “That means it’s painless,” said Al-Hasan al-Basri. `Ata said: I said to Ibn `Abbas, which blow is not strong? He said: Attack with siwak and the like. [Siwak is a small stick or twig used to clean teeth]. The purpose is not to hurt or humiliate the wife, but to let her understand that she has violated her husband’s rights and that he has the right to reprimand and discipline her. Khan concluded by saying that Muslim men should not misinterpret this verse as well as the words of the Prophet Muhammad and have started beating their wives and some anti-Muslim sections, media, politics Experts and enemies of Islam are trying to smear Islam by quoting it out of context and say: Islam allow husbands to beat wives and paralyze them which is fortunately untrue. Islam respects everyone and every relationship, be it husbands, wives, men, women, Muslims, non-Muslims, children, teenagers, old people, etc.

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