In the year 2022, CreativeMud is emerging as an Ace Leader in Creative Industry!

Just as mud can be moulded into varied choices through the usage of personal intelligence, CreativeMud moulds ideas into reality through the collective efforts and intelligence of its team. The mud of ideas is transformed into a pot of reality. 

‘create-ivity’ is what drives the vision of CreativeMud, wherein our focus lies on the creation of ideas and intentions on a need-based approach. Any furtive action depends not only on the intention behind it but also on successful execution. Our talented team provides an enriched experience starting from idea generation to its implementation.  

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CreativeMud was started with the motto of “shaping your brand”, just like a potter shapes mud into something different, we also shape ideas into something unique and different. The agency was formed in 2017 with the combined efforts of Mr Amit and Mr Anoop, with both holding great experience and credibility to their names. 

Mr Anoop has experience of 12-13 years in the creative agency; he was associated with several big companies. Working as a brand strategist made him aware of the intricacies of branding and associated activities. He then pursued his interests in the retail industry, gaining experience of about 10-11 years. Owing to these diverse experiences, he shows versatility in his undertakings. His expertise in retail allows him to be an effective communicator, say to pitch ideas to clients. He has always believed in taking up challenges and achieving them. He believes that there shall be minimum stagnation in one’s creative endeavours. 

Mr Amit has a more singular focus in his dealings in life. He has his fair share of experience in retail of 10-11 years. He has worked as an Art Director, wherein he focused on the brands’ elegant and international standard look-and-feel. 

They both believe in the capability of their teams and humbly acknowledge themselves as just a catalyst. Their humble attitude is mirrored in the family-like workplace synergy.


After being fairly experienced in their respective forte of work, both of them decided to launch a project to provide services relating to creative, app development, films and shoots, et cetera. It was the start of a vision to transform the approach towards branding and ideas generation. 

Within the creative department, the focus is on providing maximum space for creativity without limiting the free navigation of the thought process. There shall be something unique about each project, with scope for innovation. 

Elaborating upon our work within the creative field, when working with our clients, big or small, we try to add something unique, something of an add-on factor. For example, when developing a website, we always draw our attention towards the thought of making it unique in some way or another; why should it be different from the rest. Every project would have that add-on factor, a pinch of uniqueness and innovation. This factor extends to all our services, from web development to advertisements. 

Mr Amit and Mr Anoop kicked off our humble beginnings with a small team of 4-5 members; now, we are 20-24 members strong, who work tirelessly on providing just the right, tailored services for you. 

Our work ethics and efficiency reflect in client satisfaction, which we hold to be of great esteem. 


We believe that an organisation’s vision should be a parameter to judge good work. It is through the vision that one defines one’s boundaries. This idea is why we have kept our vision high and our boundaries extensive. We are engaged in many areas of expertise while focusing on the quality of work. A lot of hard work and thinking goes into projects employed by us. Our vision and commitments both stand high. 

When working with different brands, we focus our attention on the growth and engagement of the brand. Hence, we do not restrict ourselves to a singular line of thought; we engage with various sectors, from FMCG to technology to editing. 

Like-mindedness is one of the core strengths of our team while not compromising on the diversity of opinions. There is no strict, limiting hierarchical structure in our group. Instead, there is a family-like workplace environment, wherein each is connected like a web, simultaneously motivating each other to bring out the best qualities. The doors are open for everyone, clients and as well as our team. There is an environment of warmth and peace.

We synthesise ideas from trainees, experienced graphic designers, to copywriters. This approach aids us to create projects which are of a collective effort with the minimal scope of error and high creativity quotient.  In the end, we would like to emphasise the following words: we shape people, shape brands, and shape ourselves. These words sum up our work and our approach towards the things we do.