India gets new youngest entrepreneur of the year 2022, Akash Nale founder of

After Big names like Ritesh Agarwal, Farhadd Acidwalla, Tilak Mehta, Byju Raveendran etc.There is new name in this list Akash Nale founder of

Akash who is just 21 years old was awarded as India’s youngest entrepreneur of the year At Indian Business Summit 2022.on 25th June 2022 At an Holiday inn International Airport Hotel Mumbai. He is the founder of omart & flyyo. He founded omart at the age of 19 before starting omart he have made 6 other zero investment ventures.

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Omart is 7th one he started omart with zero investment yes that’s what made him standout  from others without any sort of investment he clocked turnover of 50 lakhs in just 6 months at initial stage. He is running this startup successfully from last 2 years without raising funds. Omart is basically E commerce platform where you can order certified organic fruits,veggies,vegan & gluten free products and many more. His aim is to make this startup as multimillion dollar company.

India gets new youngest entrepreneur of the year 2022, Akash Nale founder of

Omart serves there products to various big names from Business, Cricket, Bollywood industry .And also they are trading with Big B2B players as well. Akash’s dedication to his work is next level.This Young guy is also pursuing his graduation. Akash started working since when he was 15 years old the connection which he have made in various industries have helped him a lot in this growth.

Recently 2 months back he have also started an aviation company where they provide services like private helicopter joyride and private jet services he have started this start-up also in very minimal investment.

Akash’s investment strategies are something which every beginners can learn from him. He is one of the smartest and youngest investor in India.

Akash Also have received many offer from various investors from various parts country & globally. A very well-known Dubai investor is most likely to invest in omart.They are looking to buy majority stake into his company. The offer is not disclosed yet publically. Akash is the future of India which will definitely play role in growth of the country-: Said by organisers