Indian Games Face Fierce Competition from Western Casino Classics

The rapid technological advances of the last three decades led to the appearance of the first online casinos in 1996 and their breathtaking evolution that has now globalised casino gaming through mobile-friendly apps and websites.

Indian players have joined the global online casino scene together with the country’s rich gaming heritage, and a recent SevenJackpots study based on data provided by Casino Days explores how desi culture is reflected in the operations of globally licensed casino gaming platforms on the local market.

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All Traditional Asian Games Combined Barely Cross 10% Turnover Share

Now that smartphones and the internet have allowed desi real money players who seek new and exciting experiences to explore the vast array of games available to the whole world, Casino Days data makes it clear that local games have relatively low popularity compared to their Western counterparts.

According to the dedicated study conducted by the SevenJackpots research team, the combined share of all traditional games of Indian or Asian origins from all turnovers registered from India by the operator between January and October 2022 is only 10.34%, which means that 9 out of any 10 gaming sessions was on a foreign game.

The share of Asian games in casino operator turnovers includes the following Indian games with a combined weight of 4.64%:

  • Andar Bahar: 2.97%
  • Teen Patti: 1.67%

The analysed data as well covers the following games with Chinese origins with a joined share of 5.70%:

  • Sic Bo: 3.06%
  • Dragon Tiger: 2.27%
  • Fan Tan: 0.34%

The revealed statistics show that despite their cultural significance, these games apparently struggle to compete with the allure of classic Western casino games like roulette and blackjack or the relatively new genre of game shows.

Game Shows, Roulette, and Blackjack Rule in Indian Online Casinos

The light shone on the Indian online casino market by the Casino Days data reveals that it is exactly game shows and classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack that reign supreme in current desi casino fan preferences.

Roulette games alone represent about a quarter of the total registered platform turnover, and blackjack, baccarat, and slots complete the Top 5 chart:

  1. Game shows: 34.48%
  2. Roulette: 22.91%
  3. Blackjack: 16.11%
  4. Baccarat: 7.45%
  5. Slots: 4.59%

The dominance of game shows and Western casino games in the Indian online casino landscape reflects the extent to which Indian players appreciate the thrilling and immersive experiences provided by these genres which combine the excitement of live interaction with dynamic visual setups.

The authors of the study observe “a growing “convergence of tastes” between global casino audiences and Indian players”.

“Even more traditional Asian games that always get plenty of mobile casino traction are mostly sought after in a live studio version. This allows desi players to enjoy dynamic and original content within familiar game rules. Live dealers or hosts are an essential element of practically every top-ranked game category, save for slots,” the researchers comment.

Despite the fierce competition of more than 5,500 individual game titles, traditional Indian and Asian games still have a special place in the hearts of desi players. Among old desi games, Andar Bahar stands out as the most popular, while Sic Bo takes the crown for traditional Asian games. These games, with their roots deeply embedded in Indian culture, provide a connection to the rich gaming heritage of the region and continue to attract players who appreciate their unique charm.