Jan 2022: Hubert Enviro Care Systems P Ltd (HECS), a 25-year-old firm and a pioneer in water and wastewater treatment, recently announced that they had acquired a 2.5 Acre Industrial land at SIPCOT Industrial Park – Vallam Vadagal for setting up its second manufacturing facility in Chennai. This facility is meant to manufacture its state-of-the-art Packaged FRP Sewage Treatment Plants. It is expected to be the largest unit in the country for manufacturing of these ‘Packaged STPs.’ 

The project has an earmarked budget of 20-25 crores. It is targeted towards bulk manufacturing of STPs through which the company states will ‘revolutionize the entire segment through economical products of the highest quality which ensures the best performance.’ This unit will also house the latest FRP manufacturing machinery, which will be procured from across the globe to ensure that the units manufactured are of the best in quality and technology. Phase one of this project is expected to complete by July 2022.

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Dr JR Moses, Managing Director of HECS, further added, ‘The requirement in India for quality Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants in immense and there is a major gap between the demand and supply of quality products. This sector is catered to by innumerable smaller water treatment OEMs and is plagued by design flaws and performance issues which has become very common over the years. After immense R&D, we began our bulk manufacturing of FRP STPs a year back and our existing manufacturing unit is running at 100% capacity ever since. We thus acquired this Industrial land parcel with a vision to set up a unit with a manufacturing capacity of around 600 units per year which is around 15 times more than our existing units capacity’. 

The company statement added, “these standardized fibers Reinforced Plastic (FRP) STP units are designed and manufactured in India keeping in mind the highest international standards. This manufacturing unit will also be used to cater to this products export demands across Asian, European and African markets.”

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