India’s largest Youth-Led Menstrual and Sex Education Campaign: Pehel

The talk takes over Pehel’s launch event, combining excitement and enlightenment.

Walk the Walk or Aao bat Shure karein Folks has been buzzing over since the 12th when Enactus BU and Project Qadira hosted their launch event for Pehel: nationwide menstrual health, and sex education movement powered by Enactus India.

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The crew was on hand to provide a truly spine-tingling introduction with what is in store for the passionate and awakened audience of this new India as soon as everyone joined the zoom session. By the end, societal barriers, misconceptions, shame, stigmas, hush culture, and sanskari-created skewed norms were all eliminated, or in better words of one of the guest speakers of the event, “lowered voices and hushes shall be shunned soon.”

Since our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, recognised menstrual health as a public health priority, the first time since Independence, there has been a continuous need to reach out to the grassroots level to gain insight into new sectors and methods of educating people about it. In comes, Pehel aspires to undertake a comprehensive information-supply strategy through well-designed educational workshops by Project Qadira, which promises to stay abreast and vibrant despite the vagaries of our country and the accompanying limitations. This literacy upward movement is genuinely well-thought-out and quite simple. One, along with a member of four, shall register with the target demographic that their specific team wants to service to. In exchange, they will obtain world-class training certified by gynaecologists and doctors on menstruation and safe sex that is appropriate for the team beneficiaries.

The team at Qadira conceived the idea of establishing a network of Enactus teams around the country to not just be bystanders but rather to turn them into suppliers, ushering in a new chapter in their long-term goal of providing universal access to menstrual hygiene and basic understanding of female anatomy,  as well as hand-in-hand sex education, which has been absent in our school curriculum. Even the metro cities have not become fully capable in the areas of growth of making a transparent society proof free of barriers. Talks in the family discussions about these taboo topics are always treated with a grain of salt. Eyebrows are raised on dining tables to grandmother’s scolding to one getting false info from Google.

Coming back to the eventful launch event, Dr Anjali Kumar and Avanti Nagral set the tone for the gathering on Saturday night with stories being shared and reflecting on topics ranging from the gynaecological world to Harvard dairy. The event was quite multilayered, from Avanti’s mind-boggling performance of methodically putting up the lyrics with the tossed vocab to the riveting questionnaire panel session encompassing the synonyms projects. Snippets stepping between the event’s hosts by the specified creators and offering spectators a portrayal of their educational workshops was another highlight, as one couldn’t help but grin and chuckle while it was on show. The team certainly illustrated what they meant when they said that what they have designed is nothing short of magical, as their workshops seem as if the usual uninteresting information in the guise of a glazed donut has suddenly gotten sprinkled with those rainbow-coloured chocolate appealing to everyone in the room.

Effectively, all of these features attracted applause from everyone, and there couldn’t have been a better launch event than Pehel’s.