Indrani Cosmetics – Taking the cosmetic industry by storm

Indrani Cosmetics was founded on 21st July 1993. The company laid the foundation in the cosmetic industry in Maharashtra as one of the first pioneers of manufacturing cosmetics. They pride themselves on their extensive range of products and the uniqueness they offer. They have over 103 products in their line which are all known for their excellent results and specialties. The company manufactures all of their products with extensive care and research. They have an extensive reach in the Indian market with multiple distributors and outlets. They also export products to markets around the world. Each product in its line has gone through extensive testing and innovation. The company has completed 25 years in the industry and is going strong.

They use the best quality ingredients for making their products. They do not believe in subsidising quality for the sake of profits. Along with their wide range of products, also comes their constant urge for research and development on new products.

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The company is led by the father – son duo of Dilip Gugle and Sammet Gugle. Dilip Gugle started distribution for Saloni cosmetics company in 1986. He was a top seller of Saloni cosmetics and one of the best distributors in Pune and Bombay.

Despite this success, he was keen on developing his own brand and being his own boss. He researched and tested his products for 8 years until finally in 1995, Indrani Cosmetics was founded and laid the path for cosmetics innovation and high quality products in the cosmetics industry. He started with a couple of products and soon invented and created a line of 61 products in a vast range that boasts of skin care, hair care, peel masks, face packs, waxes, soaps, shower gels, moisturisers, etc. Today Indrani Cosmetics boasts of a range of over 100 products. Having such a vast range of cosmetics helps the customers fulfil their needs and cure their skin and hair issues . Dilip Gugle and Indrani Cosmetics has over 2 decades of experience in the cosmetic industry.

Sammet Gugle joined Indrani Cosmetics in 2017. After having studied (Hons) Public Relations from London College of Communication, University of Arts London, he has been responsible for the drastic makeover the company has undertaken since his arrival. Sammet believes that no matter what you do or sell, you have to be different. Make the smallest things look genuine, fresh and cool. Its his ethos to stand out from competition which he has tried to bring in to the company. Being the son of the CEO, didn’t mean that it was an easy ride for him in the company. He had to fight for his every decision in the beginning until people were finally convinced of his value, ideas, work ethic and self-belief. Taking no for an answer is not something he believes in and which is why he won’t stop trying to get something done which he believes will take the company forward.

Indrani Cosmetics is taking the E commerce world by storm as well. They are currently active on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Shopclues, Myntra, Meesho, Mirraw, LBB, Big Basket, etc. They soon hope to be on Nykaa, Purplle, Tata Cliq and Jio Mart. Link –