Indus91, A First Gas-Fee Free Wallet, Leading the way to Widespread NFT Adoption

In recent months, Ethereum has smashed all-time highs one after another and gained substantial market share from Bitcoin. Possibly one of the reasons for this is its rich ecosystem that contains decentralized applications in a variety of fields, such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible Tokens (NFT).

In particular, DeFi offers huge potential for returns that can even exceed those of the stock market. There is, however, one significant catch: Due to the popularity of the previously mentioned fields, the Ethereum network is highly congested and transaction fees are exceeding profit margins for smaller investors.

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But don’t worry, Indus91 is here. The first wallet that allows you to make transactions without holding GAS. The Gas Station Network (GSN) is a decentralized network of relayers. It allows you to build dapps where you pay for your users transactions, so they do not need to hold Native Token to pay for gas, easing their process.

The Indus91 Wallet is an entirely safe and secure crypto wallet solution. With it, you can buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto by buying, storing and exchanging crypto tokens. Using this APP is as easy as you check about any share on BSE or NSE website. For Developers, It Provides an API which they can use in their apps & games.

For clients of Monetas Global seeking to buy MNTG tokens instantly to serve various purposes, the Indus91 Wallet is the one-stop destination. With Indus91 Wallet, users can purchase a number of MNTG tokens listed by Monetas Global. These tokens can also be exchanged and stored in a user’s wallet. MNTG tokens are listed on international exchanges such as P2PB2B and LaToken, as well as the Indian exchange BuyUCoin. Check the Token Price on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko, two of the top and most trusted price tracking sites.

Besides these fascinating features, the Indus91 wallet has other qualities that make it stand out on the global crypto market. Android devices can also download the Indus91 Wallet by using the APK provided on the website. The latest iOS version will be available soon for IOS devices.

The Indus91 Wallet, with its enhanced protection layer, lets users send and receive the top crypto tokens on the global crypto market quickly and easily. Indus91 Wallet protects the users’ privacy and ensures that they get the best crypto exchanging experience without hampering their data and information security.

“Through the use of advanced technology, we are empowering consumers by offering a simple, secure, and personalized digital asset experience that puts power back into their hands,” says CEO of Indus91.

By taking advantage of emerging technology, Indus91 strives to create the easiest, most secure, and most innovative experience for managing digital assets.

Indus91 Wallet is an exclusive safe and secure crypto wallet solution developed by Monetas Global. Indus91 Wallet offers an exclusive listing for numerous crypto tokens where you can Buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto.

The MONETAS team strives to inspire a significant proportion of young entrepreneurs who, due to lack of time and financial limitations, face bringing their game dreams to market challenges. MONETAS seeks to democratize game production in an innovative way and give chance to all developers to leverage on the dapps provided by us. 

Indus91 Wallet is a safe and secure crypto wallet developed by Monetas Global. As part of its mission, Monetas Global seeks to inspire an increasing number of young entrepreneurs who, due to time constraints and financial limitations, face challenges in bringing their game dreams to market. The company aims to democratize game production in a creative way and provide all developers with the chance to use its dapps.

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