Innovation Summit  April 2022 by Sigma Consultants a financial services platform.

Sigma Consultants is organising Investor Summit at Fairfield by Marriott Lucknow Hotel on 26th and 27th April, 2022. The summit welcomed leading investors and entrepreneurs to Lucknow across INDIA and turned into a four-day event filled with insightful panels, sessions and business meetings. The two-day summit will be success and it managed to achieve its goal of connecting the right entrepreneurs with the right investors.

This summit will provide investors from India, a platform to meet and network with various stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem including academicians and researchers, startup entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, Government & Industry Executives and policy makers, Industry Experts, etc.

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Sigma experts to close fund raising of around 150 crore in this summit as stated by CEO Kumar Abhishek.

“This summit is giving 60 startups in the field of socially innovative technology and business models to meet and pitch investors, Each startup pitches its business plan to three selected investors.”

 An Investor Summit with an aim to build a strong ecosystem for startups in India, by supporting the founding of a network of young and innovative minds to find their passion and inspire their path. Led by investor and mentor, this event will help you develop your business plan further and get funding from investors and mentors along with free incubation from IIT Mumbai.

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The investors summit will be host by Sigma Consultants , As it is planned and managed with be most advance and innovative procedures to make all of the terms and conditions for new client onboarding more compatible and beneficial for both parties. All of the representatives who are present in this meet will satisfied and highly pleased to see the results presented by the experts and talented team of Sigma Consultants.

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