Inspiring story of entrepreneur Roy Riddhinil on re-defining purpose and building digital communities

Hailing from Guwahati, Assam in the India’s Northeast, Roy Riddhinil is among the first generation serial entrepreneurs striving for the economic growth and development in the nation’s Northeastern frontier.He is widely known in the Southeast-Asian startup domain for his grassroot project NE8 Startups under the banner of #StartInNE launched in early 2016, towards accelerating idea-stage ventures from the eight states of Northeast India.Riddhinil’s journey from his schooling days to upbringing in Northeast India, has itself been an inspiring perspective of how youth from the region are coming up with their ventures, building communities and re-defining purpose in life for themselves and setting disruptive benchmarks for the next-generation.Riddhinil’s experiments with entrepreneurship dates back to 2012 wherein during his college days itself, aimed at connecting overall students community for in-campus utilities and network, he launched Connective+ a simplified e-campus platform.As an idea-phase project it was recognized by Philadelphia based Hay Group among NEXT BIG 100 Ideas.By 2014, spearheading global community in life sciences domain, Riddhinil helped build community groups under the banner of Biocognizance for aspirants, researchers in biotechnology field bridging the gap between biotech academia and industry.From hearing about the word entrepreneurship for the first time to practicing it by building teams, scaling project after project and learning from mentors, within a span of 4-5 years, Riddhinil got various opportunities to share his entrepreneurial journey at seminars and conferences across institutions in the country. on bootstrapping startups and also judging hackathons.

The turning point came in 2016, where he couldn’t attend a smart city hackathon as a judge at the Jawaharlal National College of Engineering,Shimoga due to travel issues as he had to be in Guwahati on the same day for other work.But staying back home later that day, he instead realized why talents from Assam never come back to serve their native and get settled outside or atleast prefer to.He immediately had a word over the next few weeks with grasroot entrepreneurs across the Northeast India to understand the status of the growing startup ecosystem in Northeast India.And there, he found the opportunity to connect the dots by sharing his startup experiences from b-plan templates to helping connect with his mentor’s network.With the tagline of #StartInNE, Riddhinil and his team at NE8x® helped influence the startup ecosystem in the Northeast India region by  accelerating idea stage startups in various fields.With 38+ corporate partners 52+ mentor signups and more than 280+ registered startups Riddhinil and his team led a whole new ecosystem change for making Northeast India investment friendly and empowering Job Creators.He has shared his experiences of early struggles in startup to supporting a startup ecosystem in TEDx Talks and the same has been shared in News18 Interview, radio mentions and published across the likes of Times of India, The New Indian Express, Entrepreneur India, Deccan Chronicle, Business Standard and more.Even in the remotest corners of the region, Riddhinil stressed on the Indian concept of ‘Jugaad’ and encouraging the youth to start their ventures with the resources at end.To diversify reach and revenue and also engage with corporate projects, digital political consultations and social impact intiaitives, NE8x has emerged among the growing global digital accelerators from the region helping public figures, brands and communities with 360’ digital solutions.As an awarded organisation from the region, NE8x is developing community platforms across genres at global level for their client base and patrons.

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Having found his passion in building startups early in his twenties, Riddhinil re-defined his work domains and started contributing more towards building digital communities by the later half of 2020.When the pandemic hit, his team initiated an integrated health dashboard in March 2020.The project ChallengeCOVID19 portal was widely utilized during the first wave of the pandemic and was mentioned across media domain for news verification around busting fake-news regarding the pandemic.His experiences during that tough period of 6-8 months will be released in the form of his debut book ‘Re-define Your Purpose’ which will be on pre-orders shortly.In his book, Riddhinil shares and enlightens people from all walks of life on how to explore their purpose in life, re-define it and utilize the same to build meaningful communities.In today’s digital landscape and evolving technology, he shares on the principle to create, innovate and inspire.Across award interviews he had shared time-to-time on how the youth today should focus on creating a community around their topic of interest, innovate with platforms  resources available at hand and inspire with impact by learning from experience, mentors, domain leaders.His perspective towards approaching life with an entrepreneurial mindset can truly lead a simple and re-defined way of influencing greater good in communities around us and beyond.

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