Inspiring Working Journey of Shashank Shende – A Senior Technical Officer at SGPGIMS Lucknow

Shashank Shende is a senior technical officer in SGPGI Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. His home district is Kamptee – Nagpur, Maharashtra. He joined SGPGI in 1998 as a lab technician in department of medical genetics basically in HLA lab. He vigorously participated in 2000 Kidney transplant & 200 Bone marrow transplant for cross match. After that he joined sequencing lab to be very precise Sanger Sequencing lab , where he is actively working for n number of genetic diseases. He believes in the learning through practice as he says that a medical lab technician should know or must have both theoretical and practical knowledge of the work he is doing. Shashank Shinde is a very dedicated professional at SGPGI  With a strong focus on advancing medical testing , he is currently immersed in the realm of Sanger sequencing. Shashank’s commitment to his work is truly commendable, as he channels his passion into understanding the intricacies of genetic analysis through this technique. His tireless efforts in the field of Sanger sequencing have not only showcased his diligence but have also contributed significantly to the scientific testing  of genetic variations and molecular insights. Shashank’s determination to unravel the complexities of DNA sequencing speaks volumes about his dedication to his craft. Beyond his professional achievements, Shashank is known for his joyful demeanor. His enthusiasm is infectious, brightening up any room he enters. Colleagues often admire his ability to balance hard work with a positive outlook on life. Shashank’s passion for his work and the joy he brings to his surroundings create a harmonious environment for collaboration and innovation. He always says to his juniors also that do with dedication and full effort. Whatever instruments you are operating or doing, whatever work you are doing it is very necessary to know every peak of information about it then only you can be the successful one in your work. As a STO at SGPGI Lucknow’s Medical Genetics Lab, Shashank Shinde assumes a pivotal role in driving forward the institution’s research endeavors. Specializing in Sanger sequencing, he navigates the complexities of genetic analysis with precision and expertise. Shashank’s role involves not only hands-on laboratory work but also leadership and guidance for junior team members, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the field. His meticulous approach to Sanger sequencing amplifies the lab’s capabilities, aiding in the identification of genetic variations crucial for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Shashank’s seniority and experience foster a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment, ensuring the growth of the entire team. We all should follow the guidance and tips that he has suggested us. His story is really inspiring.


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