Interview With Naginder Gakhar

Hello Sir! hope all well on your side ?

Very well Simran , what about you?

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I am doing Great sir, So let your fans know abou your upcoming Projects?

There are many projects in the pipeline which includes ‘Nishana’ with Guggu Gill and Kulwinder Billa , ‘Cheta Singh’ with Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Tabaahi Overloaded, which is sequel of old superhit Punjabi movie Tabaahi. Apart from these, there is Ziddi Jatt with Singga , Tere Karke, Production No.1 with Roshan Prince, Chhoo Mantar directed By Jasbir Gill and some are getting finalized.

How was your experience working in your recent released movie ‘Majajan Orchestra’?

It was a splendid experience working with the whole team of the movie. In this movie, the problems of Orchestra girls are explained. It is movie of great concept and should be released in Theatres. I played the character of antagonist’s father. Moreover, it was great experience with Pali Sandhu . He is a great Actor and great human being.

How was your experience working with Navneet Kaur Dral, as she is female Director?

It was a great experience working with a female Director as the Movie is also a Women-oriented so it was great thing that it is represented by woman. Moreover, Navneet is very cool and worked very patiently with the whole team and also she maintained respect for everyone.

Do you think ‘Majajan Orchestra’ should be released in Theaters?

Indeed! The concept of the movie is very great and could be release in the theaters. But I think Producers can answer this better that why the film was released on OTT. But according to me the film’s concept is great and should be released in the theaters.

Sir what do you think that OTT is affecting the Cinema in some way or other?

Of course, OTT platforms are making huge difference as it is providing multiple variety of content. But I think less budget movies are releasing on OTT platforms and big budget movies are still releasing in theaters. Although OTT platforms are affecting the content a lot. Moreover, the lockdown has affected the things a lot. Slowly and gradually things will get on the track and great movies will be released in Cinema.

How do you look at this change in Cinema?

It has both pros and cons. big budget films will give big payments and less budget movies give less payment. But I think it is little bad for the artists.

How new artists should maintain these things?

Actually, new artists have to work may be to get the work or sometimes to establish themselves in the industry, those artist also work for their needs of livelihood. But I think OTT platforms are providing great chances to the new artists. Further, there are budget issues also sometimes I get offers from the soap operas, but due to budget I have to reject those chances and due to low budget they offer roles to new artists.

According to you, when can we say that the Artist is successful?

According to me, I am not successful right now. Artists like Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh can say that they are successful. However, it also depends on the thinking of the person because artists never get satisfied.

What do you think that senior artists from Punjabi industry are less active on social media?

I think it depends on person to person, some artists love to stay connected to people, on the other side some artists do not want to reveal their lives. Guggu Gill sir is so grounded, he loves to stay connected to people and he is very much active on social media.

How much ‘Peace of Mind’ is important in our daily lives?

Peace of mind is pertinent in our lives, it starts with our home, if the atmosphere of our home is not peaceful it can ruin many things. If we talk about Sidhu Moosewala, he did not had peace of mind, he used to threat calls and all, so it made his mindset like that and he just wrote those things in his songs also. On the other side, Rana Ranbir writes very serious things about society because he see these issues around him. So it depends on our atmosphere, if we are not living in peace we cannot have peace of mind from inside also.

Anything else you want to share sir?

I would like to say that the artists who are new in the industry should work hard. In this line, there is nothing without hard work which will pay you back. It is not a big deal to look good, but you have to work on your skills and impressions too. In a crux, would say, stay positive stay united, do not be a part of social media revelries. I think these things are more between fans than in artist. So do not spread hate on social media, stay positive and spread love & positivity.