Interview with the certified cyber expert Gopal Vithalani, founder of Cyber Security training centre

Gopal Vithalani, hailing from Gujarat, India is a certified cyber expert, a cyber law advisor, a cyber-crime investigator, and the founder ofthe Cyber Security training centre that aims at providing training and certification in cybersecurity to all aspiring professionals, corporates, students, and any individual. In his journey as a cyber security expert,he has helped the victims and Government to solve cybercrime-related cases and prevention of ransomware including cyber awareness. He is regarded as a cyber guru in Gujarat and shares his expertise with the government when it needs it in the area of cyber security. In contrast to his parents, he spends his free time participating in a variety of social clubs and activities. With a strive to make cyber warriors, spread cyber awareness, help the people, support the Government, and help Police and the Nation he founded Cyber Security training centre.

In a candid conversation with Gopal Vithalani

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  1. Before we reach any topic, please explain Cybersecurity to all the readers and your contribution to the same.

Gopal – In simple words, Cybersecurity means giving security to your technology and devices from any online attacks. I am devoted toeducating and protecting everyone from hackers. That’s why I have come up with Cyber Security training centre so that I can spread cyber awareness information and ethical hacking knowledge, and provides cyber security services, and implementation. Helpand serve the respective government institutions and private sector together with the evolution of security in every segment of technology use.

  • What are the courses that you mainly concentrate on educating about?

Gopal –We mainly focus on three core areas of ethical hacking, cyber awareness and cyber law. We also conduct cyber awareness programs to educate a global community by offering the best ethical training and helping students to understand their careers in the IT security industry. We also provide materials and online support by professionals, career opportunities, job support & good designation.

  • What is the admission procedure in the Cyber Security training centre?

Gopal –The admission procedure is very simple, interestedstudents just need to provide contact details, our team will communicate as soon as possible and get notified by SMS.After receiving information about the course, Students have to pay fees and confirm their seats on basis of availability. The students will start learning, daily for just one hour to gain cyber knowledge with end-to-end support from me and the other professional trainers. After completion of the course and verification, the student receive a certificate (without an exam) in a reliable time.

  • Can you please clarify the difference between hacking and ethical hacking?

Gopal –In simple words, when anyone illegally tries to make an effort to attack a computer system or a private network inside a computer that is known as hacking and ethical hacking on the other hand means when hacking is done to protect the system or websites from malicious hackers and viruses. Hackers are skilful in breaking system programs while ethical hackers are skilled in restoring the security of a compromised system and catching the criminal with their skills and abilities.

  • How do you feel about getting appreciated ‘n’ a number of times by government officials, including police and the government?

Gopal –I feel accomplished as a cyber expert when my effort and my dedication get recognized by the Government and other individuals. It’s my duty to defend every organization against all kinds of cybercrime including attacks that are designed to access, change or destroy data or that aim to disrupt day-to-day business operations.

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