Iqbal Sandhu is one of the popular Singer music artists of Rajasthan

Iqbal Sandhu was born on 1990 in Tibbi, Hanumangarh of Rajasthan, India. His father’s name is Sardar Gurdev Singh Sandhu and Mother name is “Ranjeet Kaur” Iqbal Sandhu was very interested in the field of music since childhood. He took part in many school program during his school time.

who has conquered their challenges, and then turned them into opportunities to achieve their goals. He is proud to be an artist who started work at the age of 15, when people of his age, presented with the typical teenage things, and he made the most of his potential, and they worked day and night in order to be who he is today.

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He began his music career in 2021 with the album Don’t Silent, and Shooter song 2022 a well-known audio and Simran Music and link Music Haryanavi digital marketing company.

The donation of his youth for a better future, and has taken advantage of him, and now he’s the kind of person that will promote well-known brands and businesses with social media marketing skills.

Iqbal Sandhu, Has Become The First Choice Of Each And Every Social Media For The Marketing Of The Brand. The young influencer and now manages many of the international brands and customers. When asked about his success story, iqbal Sandhu, said, “A person has to be willing to sacrifice their free time and to be able to reap the benefits later on. For a period of 5 years from the time and almost as much as you can, because I believe that it will help you to find yourself is very, very much.

With a lot of well-known international companies and brands, and it has a wide network for the promotion of the brands with which it is associated. Hard work, dedication, and commitment in the life of their dreams come true, and Iqbal Sandhu, does believe that he is a student by day and a business day and night. Achieving so much at such a young age, the young man is one of the world’s most successful social media marketers in this day and age.

Iqbal Sandhu has been confirmed as the official sponsor for the international music platforms-web, YouTube, TikTok, and Music, Jexsta, Amazon, Jio Saavn, Apple Music, etc. was the official artist channel authentication on YouTube in 2020, and it was recently given to the Artist-Check whether the badge of the Music. It’s official artist channel with the title: “Iqbal Sandhu” it was confirmed in January, 2020.

“YouTube, which gave me an official verification from the artist: how long do I have? I will now post all of my songs on my own, checked the YouTube-channel”Iqbal Sandhu” as well as post my songs and all of the other international platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Wynk, Deezer, Tidel, Aaghami. In the future, I think everyone will have their songs are on the way in which I can do from now on.

And now, with the situation in the country is so large that it is impossible to work with outside of the house. If you would like to work for a company, you have to go there. So, I think, on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and streaming apps are the best of the publication of the songs are in the house.”

“Finally, a big thank you to YouTube, Spotify and apple music, for the confirmation that I’m an artist myself and my music to live to the next level. Everyone will pray for me so that I can continue to be healthy and will give you more hits. There was a lot of love and blessing in our lives.”

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