Ishant Rathore, Founder of Germanacharya, Built an Empire of 2.5 Million within a Year

Ishant Rathore is a young entrepreneur who has achieved various milestones at the young age of 21 years, he hails from New Delhi, India and is the CEO and founder of Germanacharya. Germanacharya is a platform that permits learners and students to learn German across the globe.

Ishant is himself a certified German language teacher and trainer at Germanacharya who is currently pursuing a Master in German from the University of Delhi. He is C1 level certified from Goethe Institute, India. Ishant’s journey of becoming a German language teacher is a roller coaster ride. He was born in an Indian middle-class family and during his schooling, he was a science student who then switched his stream and pursued English Honours. 

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During his 3rd year, Ishant established Germanacharya, a platform to aid people in learning German. In over a year Ishant generated revenue of over 2.5 million INR. This was a dream for Ishant. Ishant recalls, “There was a time I use to get 2,000 INR per month as a tutor.” From 2000INR per month to building an empire of 2.5 million in a year he has come a long way.

Ishant has been tutoring and teaching students since a very young age, he studied in a local government school because the financial condition was not stable hence to fulfil basic needs and sometimes even to manage fees he started giving tuition to students of 9th and 10th standard while he pursued his degree the spirit to do something different and unique grew every day and in the third year of college he started executing his ideas, to put it in Ishant’s words “Turning dreams into actions.”

Ishant started from scratch and did everything by himself without any entrepreneurial background; it was his passion and determination that he established this platform. He was all alone when he started building German Acharya because of the financial constraint he couldn’t hire professionals so without any prior experience in marketing, sales, business and video editing he started from square one. With only his dedication and passion for German, he built everything and learnt everything.

Ishant is a self-taught man who has made his presence across the globe with his talent. His students are across the globe, when he started and chose this unconventional path and chose the German language as his career people demotivated him and called him names but he came out of the societal pressure and rat race of the world and chose German, specifically teaching German. During his studies at the Goethe Institute, he would give free lectures and classes to students in the library of the institute because he didn’t have access to digital portals and platforms.

I completed the first two levels, A1 and A2 levels of German while I was in school with the help of videos,” says Ishant Rathore, founder and CEO of Germanacharya when he asked how he started learning German. He further adds, “When I was at B1 level, I auditioned to be the German host of Snowflakes Fest, 2020 and fortunately I got selected among C1 level students.” As he evolved and so did his talent he upgraded and in the early months of 2020 he launched a German learning platform, Germanacharya.

Within its launch, Germanacharya expanded and currently have hundreds of students who have enrolled themselves in the course from more than twenty countries to name a few countries besides India where the company has its presence are United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Philippines, Kuwait, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Tunisia and the list goes on. With unique and easy techniques and methodologies, Ishant has made learning German a very easy task, not just for Indian or for students but anyone from anywhere and of any age group can learn German easily in a very short period.

In the year 2021, Ishant won the DAAD scholarship from Germany among thousands of participants from all over the world. Because of his command of the German language, Ishant shares, “There was a time I was so hesitant to speak English and today I teach German to thousands of students globally, this is a huge achievement for me.”

At German Acharya they provide focus and attention to every student making sure that be it reading, writing, speaking or listening students master everything, the live classes that are offered by Germanacharya where experts are them to help students with their doubts and are expert is assigned to every student from whom students can ask questions and clear any doubt they have.

Ishant remarks “Teaching is truly my passion. In my class, students feel confident to ask questions, make mistakes and express themselves. That’s what learning is all about.” He is continuously motivating and helping students and he has proved that if you have dedication so can do anything at any age. You can check out Germanacharya at: