Ishu Kalra Awarded With National Glorious Award 2022 By Actress Mugdha Godse

Ishu Kalra received the Best Social Activist of India Award at the Indana Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, presented by well-known actress Mugdha Godse. Ishu Kalra received honours and shields from Mugdha Godse, a well-known actress. Ishu Kalra receives this award in recognition of the excellent social work he performs across all of India. He has launched a new initiative to provide warm clothing for those who lack the means to do so and live by the roadside. Many social workers and organisations have selflessly laboured to aid people and save lives during times of global calamity. They have demonstrated to us that compassion will endure no matter what time period we are in as long as there are people who devote their time and energy to making the lives of others better. Ishu Kalra, the founder of the Humanity NGO from Jalandhar, is one of the bright young brains in India who has chosen to dedicate himself to humanitarian service. Ishu Kalra stated at the time of the award that it was exclusively for the people. The effort is just getting started, and many more will be done in the public interest.

Ishu Kalra is well recognised for having social workers that labour day and night to assist those who are less fortunate. He helped those in need in whatever way he could. He received the National Glorious Award 2022 for the best in traditional and human values there.

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He always extends courtesy to others, which one should do without expecting anything in return. He made sure that wherever he is, he never misses an opportunity to make at least some people around him happy because their works had a lasting impression on people’s minds.

Ishu Kalra explains his passion in social work and his future aspirations by saying, “I adore helping people. I’m only doing my small part to support this person, but we never know how much it means to them. The past few months have given me motivation to keep going. I aspire for a more favourable world. I aim to be able to travel to every city, town, and village in the nation one day. I sincerely hope that more young people like me do something to make others happy. Through our newly established NGO, Humanity, we have been assisting people for more than 4 years. It allows us to assist the underprivileged and poor. Such individuals have their basic requirements addressed. gives women their rights to food and education.