“Ishu Kalra of Punjab is bringing positive change in the society, know how he is helping people

Do it tomorrow, do it today, do it today, so now, there will be a catastrophe in the moment, when will Bahuri do it. You must have heard this couplet of Sant Kabir many times that one should never delay in doing good work and Ishu Kalra of Punjab is fully aware of this. Ishu Kalra is at the forefront when it comes to dedicating himself to others. Let us tell you that Kalra is a distinguished social worker and is also a doer of Humanity NGO. When Punjab was in the chains of epidemic, at that time his organization came forward and worked to serve the people. Whether it is to distribute masks and sanitizers or to provide medicines and ration to the people, Ishu Kalra has helped the needy in every possible way. She has always taken the front for the empowerment of women. Fighting for the rights of women, she has not only raised her voice against dowry harassment many times but has also given justice to the women victims of it. Kalra, who is associated with the ground, believes that change will come in the society only when everyone will go ahead with small steps and contribute to the society and truly understand the sufferings of the needy. Apart from this, at the time of the farmers’ movement, Ishu had made the farmers aware of their rights and in the end the government had to withdraw those laws. The work of Humanity NGO and Kalra has received appreciation across the country. Celebrities like Sania Mirza, and Nimrat Khaira have appreciated her work and many more 

The Thinking of ishu is that the change is required in today’s youth so that upcoming generation will think towards Humanity ishu kalra says my only motive to start the NGO that Humanity has gone long ago from the hearts of people his only motive is to bring back the Humanity to the hearts of people so that future of our country will be safe ahead i know this is a impossible task but the word impossible say’s itself I m possible so we will try our best to change many hearts and thoughts of people towards Humanity.

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When you do the good works and getting highlighted all over country supported by many loved by celebrities but there are good people and there are bad people too some people can’t think about others and don’t want help others and whoever is doing start seeing them from bad hatred is the most common thing as ishu kalra has also received threats that leave the NGO neither nor will be not good for you but his thinking is more further than them he say’s no matter what you can do 

If rising humanity in the hearts of people is wrong than it’s ok I won’t stop until last breathe one 

Day I hope I can also change your thoughts and instead of having bad hatred towards others start trying doing help others.