J Jazz launched her debut Punjabi Song “Black Hoodie”

Singer J Jazz launched her first single Punjabi track Black Hoodie with Artist Jazz Rathour. The song was release on Music Baaz YouTube channel on 12th February 2023.  The song is directed by Parteek Singh, Founder and CEO of Images4ads.

J Jazz, a rising star of the Punjabi music scene and an Instagram influencer turned singer, is pleased to announce the release of her debut track, “Black Hoddie.” J Jazz, an Indian native of Chandigarh, Punjab, has always wanted to be an artist and has been creating music reels since young age.

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The upbeat song “Black Hoodie” will get you moving to the beat. The song tells the story of a girl’s love for her crush.

On this occasion Singer J Jazz stated “The launch of this song marks the beginning of a new musical journey. I’m excited to share my music with the world and to see what amazing things will come from it.”

Prateek Singh Founder and CEO of Images4ads said “It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of this song. I am so proud of the hard work that went into creating this and I look forward to sharing it with the world.”

Images4ads is a diversified company, having expertise in media productions such as music videos , conceptual portfolios for aspiring models , actors and imperatively for kids . Moreover, they have merchandised our own stock image portal for retailing and are is holding the record for India’s fastest growing stock image portal. Their work has featured in First cry, little tags, Blackberry menswear, Bank of Baroda.