Janta Choupal: Democratizer of Social Media that lets users earn money by creating genuine content for the benefit of society.

Have you also noted a specific monocracy trend on today’s social media platforms, where a particular class of people rules and all others follow them? Do you also notice the creation of a strange kind of discrimination among the users by these influencer-follower modelled social media websites and applications?

Don’t you think that social media should be equally available to everyone? After all, who does not want to be known for their unique talent among their local community? Janta Choupal is an answer to all these questions. This modern-day application democratizes social media with a hyperlocal networking model.

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Hyperlocal means “a small and particular demography,” and a hyperlocal network connects locals of that specific location and allows them to know and interact with their neighbours, staying tuned to what’s happening around them.

What Is Janta Choupal? 

Janta Choupal is a hyperlocal networking mobile application that connects you with your neighbours to share local stories, your thoughts and recommendations, news updates, and much more. This one of its kind social platforms aims to democratize social media, giving everyone an equal opportunity to publicize their thoughts, influence their audiences, and gain fame in their locality. 

It is a social network platform in which content is being created by the peoplevalidated by the people, and consumed by the people.

What Differentiates Janta Choupal?

Democratise Social Network

Unlike other social media platforms, Janta Choupal does not work on the influencer-follower model, where some specific class of users derives all others’ thought processes. Eliminating the concept of “followers” introduces a social circle, where each user of a particular location follows and gets followed by an equal number of users.

This social circle is auto-generated when you create an account on Janta Choupal, and it automatically connects you with all those present on this application from your prescribed range.

Dynamic Networking

The social network at Janta Choupal is not only automatic but also dynamic. It changes as you change your location, ensuring that your network stays relevant to your current location.

Direct Earning 

Unlike other social media platforms, Janta Choupal lets its users earn money directly into their wallets by creating genuine content as per its terms and conditions.

On JC, users can earn by five different options as follows:

  1. Survey – By participating in small surveys or by doing surveys of other citizens around them
  2. J-Pulse – By posting the video of citizens by asking questions mentioned on the survey
  3. News – By posting genuine news of their locality
  4. Issues – By posting genuine issues of their locality
  5. Referral – By creating profiles of Elected Leader, Government Officials, and citizens of their area


With its six categories – Citizen, Elected Leader, Journalists, Aspiring Leader, Government Official, Social Worker, Janta Choupal introduces customized features to different users. For example, it allows the elected and aspiring leaders to connect to their actual voters of a specific locality rather than randomly connecting to anyone.

Janta Choupal works on the belief that – distributing content among lesser but relevant users is better than unnecessarily spreading it everywhere. And therefore, the content you post on this application is made available to only those present users in your geographic location.

Also, Janta Choupal wants to provide a meaningful social media platform that benefits society rather than dividing it by fake propaganda and biased content.

So, value your time and minimize your efforts of relevant social network creation with JantaChoupal!

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jantachoupal1