Jasmine Sandlas Looking Amazing In This Video, Sets Internet on Fire!

Jasmine Sandals, a Punjabi singer, is currently in the news. Recently, Jasmine and Gippy Grewal released their song “Zehri Ve.” This song showcases Jasmine’s confident and bold persona. Additionally, there is another factor that has contributed to Jasmine’s rise to prominence.

Jasmine Sandlas actually posted a video of herself dancing on the banks of the River on social media. Everyone has been watching this video. Jasmine has actually shed a lot of weight. After reducing weight, Jasmine has a very different appearance. Jasmine is gorgeous in the video while donning a purple dress. Check out this video:

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One of the best singers in the Punjabi music scene is known as Jasmine Sandals. She is more famous for her audacious persona than for her singing, though. Jasmine recently had her song “Jee Jeha Karda” released, and because of her outspoken persona, she remained in headlines. Now, “Zehri Ve,” a song by Jasmine and Gippy Grewal that was recently released. The song in question is from the film ‘Mitran Da Naam Chalda’. The film is scheduled for release on March 8, 2023.