Jaydeep Biswas, An inspiration to the business owners

Jaydeep Biswas

Dr Biswas brings a wealth of international business experience from the past 20 years with a distinguished career with the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies in Europe and Asia Pacific, including running its Corporate Planning and M&A operation in Australia.

Since 2001, he has been involved with advising and directing early stage companies including sustainable development companies.

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Dr Biswas adds significant commercial mining and finance expertise invaluable. His expertise includes mining tenement acquisitions, budgets and strategic plans; liaising and negotiating with mining departments and other officials; negotiating directly with foreign governments and joint venture partners; sourcing geological, management and statutory reports; and presentations to companies, stockbrokers and financial institutions.

Dr Biswas was born in India and maintains business relationships in that country. Dr Biswas holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and Ph.D. from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Queensland University of Technology.