Jeevan HealthCare at Home (ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY)

Medical science has witnessed tremendous advancements and developments in the recent past. Thanks to technology that has made it easier to prevent, detect and treat every complex medical condition. With the development of electronic health records, remote treatment, and the ability to share data online, we have an array of new healthcare solutions available, even in low-income settings. The use of mobile technologies to collect and distribute information has helped significantly with the prevention and treatment of disease.

As The Life Style of People Changing Drastically, Everyone Are Rushing In Their daily Busy Schedule, now a days People are cannot take time off from work, to take care of loved one and family members health.

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One of India’s leading digital healthcare providers, Jeevan Healthcare at Home (ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY) has emerged as a one-stop solution for providing effective healthcare services at the comfort of your homes.

The firm ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY is well-recognised for providing 24/7 health services ranging from healthcare services at Home

  1. Doctor Consultations Online/Offline
  2. Medicine Delivery at Home
  3. Diagnostics at Home
  4. X-Ray & ECG at Home
  5. Mammography at Home
  6. Pulmonary Function test
  7. Audiometry test Home
  8. Electroencephalogram (EEG) at Home
  9. Sleep study at Home
  10. Vaccination at Home
  11. Nursing Care at Home
  12. Care Giver at Home
  13. Medical Equipment at Home Rent/Sale
  14. Health Insurance (Individual and Group)
  15. Corporate Annual Health Checks
  16. Pre & Post Employment Health Checks
  17. Community Health Checks
  18. We organize Health Camp’s (Wellness Awareness Programs)

(X-Ray, ECG, Pulmonary Function test, Audiometry, Optometry, BMD, BMI)

24/7 Medical Services at Home with a 360-degree approach to serve their customers with complete potential; the company embodies love and affection to bring the perfect care at the comfort of your home.

Solving this inherent dilemma to have someone that you can truly rely upon, Jeevan Healthcare brings their services based on integrity and professionalism to your doorstep.

Jeevan Healthcare is committed to provide all your health needs and to serve every individuals, communities, societies and organizations with complete satisfaction with the best of services.

Ever since the pandemic broke out, a lot of people have come up considering the incessant need of medical aid and assistance. With services that range from doctors consultations, COVID Care, health camps to corporate health check-up, physiotherapy, and other diagnostics at home, the firm has been emerging as one of the best healthcare providers in India and abroad. They have also been specializing in regular consultations emphasizing the fact that for a person to live a healthy life it is important to have regular check-ups. In times of Covid, they also procured medical equipment and provided services throughput to ensure the safety of patients and help them recover quickly. 

 Amalgamating technology to provide round-the-clock assistance

The firm amalgamates technology in its methods to provide round-the-clock, seamless services. Client satisfaction has been their foremost concern and therefore all the caregivers allotted with Jeevan Healthcare care are trained professionals that work on the grounds of honesty, integrity, sincerity, sensitivity, and accountability. Each and every staff member at Jeevan is chosen after rigorous screening and selection processes.

Providing ethical training to all the employees, they have established a strict code of conduct and work culture amid them. Accounting to this, the professionals are henceforth made adaptive to any kind of a situation and make qualitative impromptu decisions if the need arises so. Therefore, these qualified caregivers and medical professionals at home can provide a lot of support, as they understand the condition and have all skills and experience to deal with such patients rightly.

Their affordable pricing makes it easy for people from all walks of life to opt for a platform that is as sensitive towards your family members as you are. Renowned for their quick services, they are easily reachable and take care of all the movements, ambulation, diagnosis, and even medicines.

Quality improvement is meant for enhancing safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. So, redesigning the healthcare system requires indulgence in specialized methods and tools known to assist improvement. Having said that, Jeevan Healthcare aims to revolutionise the healthcare sector with its exemplary services at cost-effective rates. They envision taking this industry into an all-new different league by providing professional services that are carefully designed for individuals who are extremely particular about their needs. It’s a one-stop solution for all your worries.

For further details please contact:

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