Journey from Reshma Suryavanshi to Professor Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi

It has always been said that tough times have always made strong people. A lot has been said about how time changes people and how it has given birth to most influential people in the history. This is a story of Reshma Suryavanshi who saw a tough time and those hard times turned her into Prof Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi and her journey made her what she is today.

Prof. Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi’s journey is very different from any other usual journey. It was not in her plans till she encountered what was totally unforeseen and unexpected. It was right after a beautiful daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Suryavanshi; the child was a beautiful gift but suddenly things changed for them as Mr. Suryavanshi was diagnosed with Sacralization of L-4, L-5. She was helpless when she encountered it was a nightmare for her but she could not understand what it was or how it is to be treated or what is the way forward.

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We have Prof. Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi with us, 44, who is here to share her journey with us and share all that she has gone through. The series of events that changed the course of her life, forever. She currently holds a PhD and a M.D. in Acupuncture.

Bringing to you an exclusive personal interview from the diary of Reshma Suryavanshi.

Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi, it is good to have you with us today. Can you please introduce yourself to our audience?
I am Professor Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi. I am an Acupuncturist and a lecturer by profession and by choice, also I am a Sujok Therapist. I did not ever dream of being a doctor and neither it was in my plans of doing things. I am also an author and have books published primarily in the health sector and I also do webinar, seminars, and guest lectures in various colleges. I have been active for more than 15 years now and have been helping people with their problems.

As you said, it was not the part of your plan. How did you end up being one then?

It happened when my husband was suddenly bed ridden and I was helpless. It was a phase when my husband remained in bed for long 9 months and doctors gave me a name of the cause because of which my husband was in such stage. It was Sacralization, but I did not know what was it. I had literally no idea. All I knew was that I was sad and frustrated, all the tycoon of emotions was inside me. It was just me and my 3 months old daughter. Without any direction, without any help and support I discovered that it was surviving phase. Every day was about surviving and that was all I knew. But because my husband was helped by the classical acupuncture and because of it he survives today. It was when I decided to take it up as profession and help people out there who were going through the same situation.

How would you describe that phase of your life?

That was surely a dark phase yet I did come out stronger of this and that helped me survive it. My husband was bed ridden, there was no one to provide emotional support, moral support or any sort of support and it was just me, alone. Initially, I thought it would get over in weeks but it did not and went on for months. Doctors were unsure if my husband would stand again on his legs, again. I lost my happiness, my smiles and all the fun. It all felt like a never-ending pain & suffering.

I had no clue on how to survive, whom to ask for help, life taught me infinite lessons in those nine months, I had no one to look upon. But then there was light of acupuncture and I believe it was nothing less than a miracle.

Acupuncture has changed your life, do you agree? What do you have to say about it?

Yes, surely it has changed my life. Starting with giving a rebirth to my husband. Acupuncture is something that should be propagated and broadcasted, people should be made more aware about it and about its benefits. It was after my husband was able to walk properly and even run within 21 days, we both decided to master and practice Acupuncture in traditional Indian method and medicine and for this we took formal training in 2003 from University of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

What is the future and how do you plan to make people aware about it?

We have registered our NGO by the name Heritage Foundation and we also have our clinic by the name Dr. Suryavanshi’s Pulse Clinic. We are promoting and creating awareness of Indian traditional medicines by organizing campaigns and joining the community.

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