Journey Of A Village Boy From Rs. 60 to Rs. 2.5 Crore – Purushottam Hambarde.

‘When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.’

The above famous line quoted by Elon musk says that when we are passionate and determined to achieve something, we find the courage to turn every adversity into an opportunity. 

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So is the story of Purushottam Hambarde, a young boy from Bijegaon, which is a small village in the Nanded District of Umri. Unlike others, his childhood was very tough, and he went through a challenging journey. He overcame these hurdles with hard work and today is a successful entrepreneur changing the lives of thousands. 

One fine day, Purushottam returned from school to a very disturbing news that his father was imprisoned and was accused without committing any crime. He was also suspended from his post of Teacher, which stopped his income for his family for an entire 47 months. Purushottam, being too young then to run his family, tried to focus on studies. 

Days were difficult, and his father’s health was deteriorating. This was when Purushottam knew that he was the Future of his family. So he decided to move to Umri Taluka for his studies of 10th standard, at the age of 15. He was performing well and further transferred to Aurangabad to complete his Higher Secondary Education. After clearing his 12th with flying colours, he planned to move to his City of Dreams in Mumbai to pursue Engineering.

His life was not very easy at Mumbai. He took time to adjust with the crowd there. Purushottam did not know how to speak English. He was impressed seeing the students of the college talk in English. In the 2nd year of his course, he heard of the term Entrepreneur, which changed his life.

When things were moving just fine, he got a call from his home to the news that his father had met with an accident and was admitted to ICU. After listening to this, Purushottam had to rush home without a single thought. Facing acute Financial crunch, he thought to continue with Self Education rather than being taught in a proper college. With increasing hardships, he found himself in ICU one day, and that was the beginning of his Goal setting. He started making videos and gradually saw his interest develop in the same. He was left with only Rs 60 in his Bank account, but he did not give up. 

He wanted to become a Digital Coach. Now his dreams were taking shape. Despite being a college dropout, he started his own firm named UrLifePal. Though his first course launch was not very successful but what followed was incredible. In 2019, he went on learning to sharpen his talent and started teaching people online. His second course on Video Making was spellbound. It gave revenue of about 1.3 crores in a year, and this was a turning point in his life. 

He has trained over more than 15,000+ candidates, and his third-course CoachEasily school also helps students to start their career as Course Creators and now has crossed 2.5 Crore Revenue.

This is how Purushottam became an inspiration for everyone and proved that Sky is the Limit.