Journey of an Indian Social entrepreneur who strives for healthy society—Chaitanya Kumar Kuppannagari

Chaitanya Kumar Kuppannagari is born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. Since his childhood many circumstances influenced him to become a socialist. He works for an automobile industry and being influenced by social evils, he started researching on innovative approach. One day when one of his friend’s sister died in a bus accident, it influenced him a lot. The next consecutive days, the scenario was too horrible because whichever news that he read, it said about fire accidents in buses. Then, he came up with a unique but failed innovation of automatic fire extinguishing system in luxury bus segment.

In his Innovation, he wanted the sleeping passengers to get an automated alert that they are in danger and fire extinguishers to get activated and followed by water sprinkling system that doesn’t allow the passenger to go unconscious due to carbon dioxide powder being sprayed by nitrogen gas as fire extinguishing agents. After the fire turns off and combustion took place inside the closed bus space, the control system stops the flow of Current to the electro magnetically locked windows and the windows slides down and creates space to passengers to escape from the bus.

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However, this concept got rejected by an MNC due to high setup investment costs.

Still being dissatisfied and eager to protect the people and planet, he got introduced to a foundation named “Vidya Veda Foundation” founded by Mr Anurag Naidu. It created a flux in the activities and started an activity in rural schools. He played a key role in many activities of the foundation and the team received many appreciations from many popular people like Padma Bhushan Shree Anna Hazare, a famous socialist in India, Lobsang Sangay, former Prime Minister of Tibetan – Government-in-Exile, Rahul Vishwanath Karad, founder of Bharathiya Chhatra Sansad, MIT-SOG, Pune, Maharashtra, Tushar Gandhi, grand son of Mahatma Gandhi and many more people across India.

His initiatives are quite unique of their kind. One of his initiatives Udaan helps to reorganise the child goals after knowing what he is. His other initiative named Nischay helps in child foundations working on street. But still the street children are on streets. So, Nischay is a concept of associating all NGOs working on street children to bring together and work in a standard procedure and work uniformly for success. The other is Global Youth Exchange, which makes the Nation’s citizen realise the current situation of the country and how good or bad it is in other countries. As a part of this, he had visited St. Petersburg, Russia to sign an MOU with one NGO named Center SI on the same subject.

Currently, he is working on various bureaus to ensure green planet, sanitation and nutrition and also a new concept entitled CHEYUTH.

CHEYUTH is a concept that gives a helping hand to the child in India to understand his rights in his Nation’s Constituency.

Surveying more than 75,000 Indian ladies across India, he understood the real requirements of ladies for menstrual hygiene. Hence, he made his parents start a startup called “Vorfreude Smart Solutions” with which he firstly launched world’s first single piece long lasting sanitary napkin at INR 5/- and distributed in more than 1000 villages. This kick off has given birth to many social products manufacturing like, sanitary napkin vending machine, incinerator, hand free sanitizer machine, organic waste to compost converter machine, automatic self cleaning eco toilet setup with mini STP and also many engineering solutions to multiple organisations and Indian Navy.

Wishing this social entrepreneur a very best endeavour ahead!