Journey of building the multi-talented team for the web series ‘Perfect Strangers’.

Saif and Mandar have been college buddies and always vibed with their thoughts and creative ideas since then, college got over and they went on their different journey of finding and exploring creative paths in films. As years passed they both learned and experienced the process of filmmaking working in the film industry. Saif was able to find a great mentor like Bosco Martis, who gave him an opportunity to work with him on his film ‘Rocket Gang’ and many mainstream Bollywood projects, which gave Saif an insight into filmmaking process and business. On the other side Mandar used to give ideas which he wants to execute but they never actually got time to execute them up till now.

“One day while I was on a break, we planned to catch up and I had no idea that it would turn out in me becoming a part of team for ‘Perfect Strangers’. I think we clicked immediately where we had left off in college. We had a small story reading session along with Akshata and their journey and struggles they had in making the project hit floors. But as they say ‘When the right time comes u will know’ and maybe this was the right time!

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Journey of building the multi-talented team for the web series ‘Perfect Strangers’.

Akshata and Mandar were kind enough to offer me to be a part of their project as a ‘Guest Director’  in that very first meeting and I was in complete shock about the flow of events!

They called me for the narration the next day and made me feel home right from Day1.

About ‘Perfect Strangers’ I loved the concept as how new age and how it would be so relevant to the youth and the story was also simple yet effective about modern-day relationships.

My so-called vacation ended up in being a part of this wonderful project which will be always special to me as it will be the ‘First’ of my many and I would thank Mandar and Akshata to have had believed in me to be a part of their debut project.

Special mentions to our Art Director Sanket Shekhar Patil who made our frame look good always.

We’ll all said and done, it was great experience shooting this amazing series and can’t wait for the public to watch it and hope they enjoy it as much as we did while making it!”, said Saif Shaikh, the guest director of the web series ‘Perfect Strangers’.

Talking about Sanket Shekhar, the Art Director of the series, is also an old friend of Akshata Gaigaware and Mandar Sudhakar Khare, directors of the web series ‘Perfect Strangers’. They have worked together on several projects. Directors said, “Sanket is the most reliable, creative and talented person on and off sets. Even in the cramped timelines, he managed to give a 100% result to all our creative requirements even when they were extremely last minute.”

Sanket Shekhar has been a part of Marathi film industry for quite a while now. Working with renowned directors on multiple projects. Having completed Master of Fine Arts he has a keen eye to details when it comes to set designs.

“Mandar and Akshata met me and told me the concept on which they were thinking of making a web series. The story was certainly interesting and I thought it would be visually very catchy. Next moment they asked me if I would do art direction? Some of my projects were going on, but the story and friendship were so strong that I couldn’t say no. Hearing my yes, he gave me the responsibility of one more thing, implementation of ideas for color palette and lights.

We immediately started working from the next day. I watched many movies and series for the research and started assembling the team. The entire team was very supportive and the main reason for this was our directors. Mandar and Akshata explained everything very well to everyone.

You will surely like to watch this web series. I won’t talk much about the story but overall this story changes the way you look at any relationship and the way they can mature if we give the chance.

And a specially mentioned for Omkar Ghalsasi, who was our assistant director and Aditya More, our production manager, literally worked with the phrase ‘कमी तिथे आम्ही’ in their heads”, said by Sanket Shekhar.

Talking with Omkar, “Since 2018, I have been working as an actor, AD and photographer/videographer in entertainment industry. I delved into web series, films, TV and the radio as well. I was invited onboard for “Perfect Strangers” by the DOP, writer and director of this project-Mandar Khare. I was introduced to this when the project was still in its initial stage.

I joined the project as an AD but also ended up doing a cameo role in the series while we were shooting. Though I have been a part of other web series and big banner projects, Perfect Strangers stands out from all of my previous experiences because I was a part of every stage of the process.

I admire Mandar’s impulses and insights as he is a capable leader. The director-writer duo Mandar-Akshata made sure the environment on set was positive and relaxed. Since my involvement was not limited just to the direction department, I only have gratefulness for such a wonderful team for the space they provided me with, to explore my creative capabilities. The entire team of Evasion Studios’ is fantastic to work with. I got to learn, work and also make some great bonds at the same time. Everyone was cordial and welcoming. It just did not feel that this was my first project with the team and needless to say but, I look forward to collaborating with Evasion Studios in the future”, he mentioned.