Journey to fertility- A dream of every childless couple.

“I still remember she jumped out of joy, hugged me. She immensely liked it. We even named her “Bujji” meaning a small kid. Bujji became an integral part of our lives.” Prasad writes.

You might have read stories of success. You might have heard successful people speaking, but today meet a couple who is not-so-successful yet successful. Meet KVRK Prasad and S Sandhya during their fertility journey.

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The joy of raising a child is unprecedented and unmeasurable, it is only a woman who can feel this, but when this joy is not granted, the couple feels the ache together.

The world and technology has evolved so much overtime that allows women to bear a child with the help of artificial means like IUI, IVF and other magic-like treatment allows a woman to experience motherhood and the joy of being a mother!

But, some women cannot conceive and prefer adopting child. The story of Prasad and Sandhya, is alike.

They believe the story should be told be to everyone out there, what was their journey, how it started and what all it includes. The couple thought to bring out their own story out to the world, through the book, “Infertility is not a Sin.”

Prasad, a firm believer that Infertility cannot be objectified as a curse or a sin, because it is not. Sandhya went through three abortions, the pain and the despair the couple went through cannot be imagined but they never left hope. That was something that kept them going through the rough phases of life.

Either it be natural way of conceiving or artificial way like In Vitro Fertilization, a procedure in which a seed is taken from a woman’s ovaries and fertilized with semen.

Although this procedure does not guarantee bearing of a baby, but it also carry some side effects like everything else.

Prasadwrites about everything in his book. From the time he got married to the three abortions they faced, as a couple. Bearing, having and raising a child like another normal couple was their plan and part of the journey they were on, but destiny had different plans from them. They were the couple who faced various issues during pregnancy they faced. This Bangalore based couple had a made-in-heaven marriage. Married for 11 years they struggled hard to have a child. Whilst they tried every science and nature could offer, but they had no luck. After having gone through and seeing hardships they came out with the idea of writing a book with the aim to deliver the message of “never give up”, in the form of book “Infertility is not a Sin.”  This book not only helps the other couples but everyone who has seen failures, rejections in career, job, finance or anything related. Everyone who faced dejections can read book.

Writing a book was not less then any challenge, writing is a difficult task. But, the couple’s sheer dedication made this possible. Prasad himself belongs to the family of academicians, his father is a retired Telugu professor from the prestigious university, Sri Venkateshwara University, but Prasad was never into reading. But, as he took the responsibility of sharing his fertility journey with the world, it overcame the challenge and wrote a book!

 “Why success story should be narrated by successful people, isn’t it that people who have failed knows the value of success more.” Prasad shares this thought with great emphasis. It is definitely a food for thought, for everyone reading.

As, the infertility is often seen as curse and the couple, specially the women is challenged and left out in the society due to this, Prasad and Sandhya proudly share their journey, “Journey to fertility- A dream of every childless couple.” Sharing their hope, failure and a bit success, everything thing they has, they experienced first handedly is written in a book

Holding each other’s hand for the first time, texting each other, to facing the toughest period as couple, together. Being the support system of each other is mentioned in chapters, chapters of life and love written and divided into chapters of the book.

The language of the book is simpler english, easily comprehendible, connecting with readers, and letting people know their life from a close angle.

The book is available on Amazon and Flipkart in various formats like Kindle, E-book and Paperback.

The author, KVRK Prasad is available on Facebook, you can connect him via this link