Kajal Singh – A 17 Year Old Girl from Kanpur is Now a Finalist of Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023

Kajal Singh, an ambitious and gifted 17-year-old student from Lucknow University, has secured her place as a finalist in the prestigious Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023 pageant. This esteemed competition, renowned as India’s oldest and largest teenage pageant and a holder of the Limca Book Record, is expertly guided by the renowned show director, The Rampguru Sambita Bose.

Auditions for the star-studded Alee Club Teen India pageant spanned 14 cities nationwide, drawing an overwhelming response from boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 19. These aspiring teenagers aimed to participate in the grand silver jubilee edition. Kajal Singh emerged victoriously during the initial screening round, showcasing her exceptional talent and securing a place in the prestigious Semi-Final Round.

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The captivating Semi-Final Round of Alee Club Teen India 2023 took place on July 9, 2023, at the esteemed Radisson Blu in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. The event featured a panel of esteemed judges, including acclaimed Cinestar Varun Badola, renowned Rampguru Sambita Bose, and celebrated MTV Super Model and Actors Swapna Priyadarsini, Stefy Patel, and Rohit Raghav. Varun Badola, a seasoned actor, expressed admiration for Alee Club, applauding its commitment to providing an unparalleled platform for Indian teenagers over the past 24 years, enabling them to establish successful careers in acting and modeling.

Following a meticulous evaluation of the abundant talent displayed by participants nationwide in the Semi-Final Round of Alee Club Miss Teen India 2023 & Alee Club Mr Teen India 2023, Kajal Singh has emerged as a shining star. Her outstanding performance has brought immense pride to her city and parents as she secures a coveted spot in the highly anticipated Grand Finale. The Grand Finale, scheduled for August, will be graced by the presence of the illustrious Mega Star Arbaaz Khan, along with the eminent Show Director Rampguru Sambita Bose and various other Bollywood celebrities.

To provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience, the organizers have launched a captivating reality series capturing the contestants’ journey. This exciting series can be enjoyed free of charge on their official YouTube channel, “The Silver Screen.” Additionally, voting lines will soon be open, allowing the entire nation to participate in the exhilarating race towards crowning the winners of India’s most prestigious and widely recognized pageant for teens.

To cast your vote and show support for the talented contestants, follow the official Teen India page on Instagram at www.instagram.com/teenindia.

About Alee Club Miss & Mr Teen India: Alee Club Miss & Mr Teen India stands as India’s oldest and largest pageant for teens, boasting an impressive 25-year legacy. This esteemed competition provides a platform for young talents to showcase their skills, personality, and charisma. Under the expert direction of The Rampguru Sambita Bose, Alee Club has nurtured numerous aspiring actors and models, serving as a launchpad for success in the entertainment industry.