Kalpana Nandu breaks stereotypical barriers with her rollercoaster journey as a makeup artist

Being a woman is not easy in today’s time. Even today, orthodox minds look up to women as individuals meant for doing household chores. Breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, Thane-based woman Kalpana Nandu is an inspiration for all the ladies. After working as a housewife for almost 12 years, Kalpana attained tremendous success on the professional horizon.

Her journey from a homemaker to a costume designer and a makeup stylist has been a highlighting point of her life. As a child, Kalpana often heard that girls should not be given equal liberty as boys. However, she broke the chain with her work and is a leading example for all women.

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As Kalpana Nandu made a successful mark in the professional space, she says that she never thought of becoming a boss lady. In her successful journey, she considers her husband Jitesh Nandu as a strong pillar of support. At the onset of her career, she got into fashion designing and started her boutique.

On getting a large number of orders for costume designing, Kalpana Nandu became a household name for designing Navratri outfits. Despite being a prolific fashion designer, Kalpana’s inclination was toward makeup which saw her become a makeup artist. Juggling both professions, Kalpana, however, chose to become a full-time makeup artist.

Setting her foothold as a well-known bridal makeup artist, she started her makeup studio named Kalpana Nandu Bridal Makeover. Having styled more than 1000 brides in just three years, Kalpana Nandu has cemented her position as one of the best bridal makeup artists in Mumbai. Continuing her dream run, Kalpana Nandu’s life hit the rock-bottom in 2019 when she lost her 9-year-old son because of Type-2 diabetes.

Not just this, she even lost her mother-in-law the day after her son’s demise. “The void will always be there in my life, but as they say, we need to move on from life. It was the toughest phase of my life, and to keep myself busy, I focused on my work. I have two daughters whom I had to look after, and I am glad that the almighty gave me the strength to pass through this traumatizing phase”, revealed an emotional Kalpana.

Furthermore, she stated that financial loss can be bearable. But the loss of loved ones can never be replaced. Making her weakness her strength, Kalpana Nandu kept the show going. During the COVID-19 crisis, she garnered unmatched popularity on social media. The makeup artist turned her daughter Taniska into her muse and styled her with different looks. As of today, Kalpana Nandu is an inspirational force for all women who have limited their potential because of societal stereotypes.

Get Connected with her to know more about her Journey: – https://instagram.com/kalpana_nandu.bridalmakeover