Kapil Gauhri bags the Global Inspiration Award at London

The Fashion Show Director, Kapil Gauhri was given the Global Inspiration Award 2023 in
London. The award show is an initiative by World Humanitarians Foundation and Trident Events
and Media Ltd. The event was held to celebrate Naya Bharat Mahotsav Edition-2. It took place
from January 26th to 30th in the House of Lords, London Parliament, London. It is a series of
events supported by Himadri, Uttarakhand Handloom & Handicraft Development Council.
This event is focused on promoting art, culture, and tourism through exhibitions and fashion
shows. Kapil Gauhri is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. His company, 57th Milestone promotes
new fashion talent and fashion craftsmanship. They also tackle in production, lighting, and
sound management.
Kapil Gauhri is also on the advisory board in Subharti University. Other than that, Kapil was able
to showcase his talent at the “Asian Designer Week” and at the central American show that was
held in Guatemala.
His quick wit and ability to handle pressure, is something that has allowed him to expand his
horizons in this field. He often faces shortages in time when it comes to urgent projects,
however, he prioritizes client satisfaction and opts to have a more relaxing time later on. He
does believe in not stressing himself to out too much, this is because in creative individuals too
much pressure can lead to chronic burnout. He ensures that his work is memorable, leaves a
lasting impact and always aims to capture interest, garner attention and bring a smile to the
faces of the audiences.

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