Kerala Wedding Photography becomes the first Indian company with client portal and cloud service

Wedding photography is a very important part of any wedding. A beautiful wedding is incomplete without beautiful pictures. 

The Indian wedding photography market is saturated with many photographers, so it is important to know what makes a great photographer. The best wedding photographers are passionate about their work and take the time to understand their clients’ needs.

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In India, Kerala Wedding Photography has a unique style and method that sets them apart from others. They also use the best technology to bring the most amazing experiences​.

Since its establishment, Kerala Wedding Photography has achieved various milestones and have turned out to be the most trusted and preferred company for wedding photography teams in India. Kerala Wedding Photography has covered various local and destination weddings in places like Bali, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, and various other places.

The unique and innovative facility of online photo galleries encrypted with a password that are stored on cloud storage of Kerala Wedding Photography, allows you to store images up to 100 GB for free with every package.

Customers can log in to the client portal with the portal username and password and avail the services that are offered, their client portal main tabs are work progress panel, gallery, important alerts, payment gateway, questionnaires, download/share slideshows, and youtube video integration.

KWP makes sure that they are transparent with their clients, to maintain the transparency they permit to view work progress on your photos and videos, they also make WhatsApp groups and update you with the pre and post-production. The payment process is also very smooth with a click. Customers can view and pay invoices online.

The quality photographs and videography that are offered by KWP holds a special place in the hearts of the couples they’ve worked for.

Sajeev Varghese, founder and a photographer at KWP says, “Our mission is to tell the story of your wedding day and preserve it for generations.”

It is an obvious fact that everyone loves to get married and the happiest moment of their life is the time they are saying “I will”. It is also a fact that people do not forget the best moments of their lives, and they want to capture those moments forever. That is why there is a huge demand for wedding photographers all over the world.

 “After 6 months of hard work, we developed our own cloud website. We found 81 phases in a wedding workflow from booking to fulfilment, our staffs are  notified in each phases,We are planning new updates on our own websites,now we are in the process of scheduling our next wedding season. we limit weddings each year to a few selected clients”  says Sajeev Varghese.

Wedding photography is something that we all want, but no one likes to talk about. The wedding photography industry is filled with competition, and there are many different approaches to the same job. Passion and vision are the most important skills that a wedding photographer can have. It’s an art, and it’s a science.

You can book your spot online from Kerala Wedding Photography and inquire about the packages that they offer via the following links:


Whatsapp: 09961395895