Kerala’s Iconic Jewellery Designer Nileena Babu’s Wearable Works of Art are trending today with the Next-Gen, Young-At-Heart and Fashionable!.

Inspired by Mother Nature, culture, and heritage, each piece of jewelry is a work of art, at Nileena Babu Fine Jewellery (NFJ). A talented designer par excellence, a multi-passionate creative, and an alumnus of the J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewellery, Mumbai, Nileena Babu is strong, resolute, and independent, a woman of substance wearing many a hat, including that of a daughter, wife and a mother. An engineering graduate from the Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kochi, with an MBA in Finance from the Loyola College, Chennai, she is the Designer-in-Chief at Adona Diamonds, an independent manufacturer and retailer, specializing in fine jewellery pieces since 2000. NFJ caters to the current generation of women who love wearing jewellery pieces as unique as they

are. Every wearable work of art is designed by Nileena Babu and manufactured at their in-house manufacturing facility. Custom-designed jewellery, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship is a specialty at Adona Diamonds and NFJ. As a family-owned and operated venture for over 20 years, jewellery is our life at Adona. We are dedicated to helping customers search for your specialized selection of diamonds & jewellery. We know it is important to take your time deciding on what will be one of the most wondrous and incredible diamond jewellery selections you will ever acquire including: engagement rings, diamond bridal rings, wedding rings, uniquely designed rings, loose diamonds or color stone jewellery.

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With two stores in Kerala (Panampalli Nagar, Kochi and a franchisee outlet at Alapatt,

Thiruvanathapuram) and many more on the anvil, every iconic piece created at NFJ is crafted to perfection and reflective of the style statement of each customer. The NFJ line includes a stunning range of jewellery that can be worn as casual or party wear and pocket-friendly, especially for working women as most of the pieces fall in the price range of 5,000 to 50,000. Set in 18k gold, with all natural precious and semi-precious stones, Nileena sources the stones herself to ensure each piece is unique. Bespoke Jewellery

Select from our NFJ range of signature designs, or sit with Nileena to create something truly special and made for you.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in sourcing a variety of precious stones including unusual and rare white diamonds, colored diamonds and colored gemstones. We can guide you through the process of selecting a precious stone that best suits your requirements, and offer impartial advice on the range of qualities and features available. NFJ Collection, Nileena says is a gifting collection, ones that women can gift themselves for a job well done or for something special, or it can be bought by anyone who has a special woman in their life, whether it is their mom, partner, sibling, daughter or even a niece, NFJ pieces are sure to be a unique and beautiful gift anyone can give and something that the receiver will treasure for a lifetime. New Collections at NFJ are launched once every 4 months and are all available online at or in their showroom at Adona Diamonds, Kochi.

Nileena’s fascination with designing jewellery started from a very young age as she shadowed her mother, Molly Babu, the pioneer bespoke diamond jeweller in Kerala. Once Nileena entered this filed, first under her mother at Adona Diamonds, there was no looking back. Adona Diamonds, started by Molly Babu, back in 1998, was is a pioneer manufacture and retailer of Custom Diamond jewellery in Kerala. Molly Babu worked with customers to bring their dream designs to life. Doing a bespoke piece of jewellery requires understanding the requirements of the customer and then coming up with a design and ensuring it is manufactured just the way the customer wanted it. It was when COVID-19 hit in late 2019 that Nileena with a lot of free time on hand, designed her first collection of and launched the NFJ range in June 2020. It was a runaway success with its unique designs and gave the confidence and the motivation to come up with more unique designs and growing the NFJ brand. Adona Diamonds has always believed in giving personalized services to their customers to ensure that the jewellery they buy, big or small, is nothing short of what they love. It is the mother daughter duo’s secret to having loyal customers for 20+ years. A mother’s daughter, Nileena is also an enterprising entrepreneur, having taken over the reins from Molly Babu, the pioneer custom made diamond jeweller in Kerala.