Kiran Kumar Maddula – Received  “Most Prominent Healthcare Marketing Industry Expert of the Year – 2022”  at National wide Awards 2022, Bengaluru

Mr. Kiran Kumar Maddula is one of the premium hospital marketers through the current times. He brings with him a robust work experience of 13 years and has taken up several profiles associated with Hospital Marketing across the years gone by. As of current, Mr. Maddula is the Group Marketing Head for Anu Group of Hospitals, which is a conglomeration of five multi-specialty hospitals located in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh.

With his hard work and dedication, He is the recipient of some prestigious awards, including the one recently awarded to Kiran Kumar Maddula, Group Marketing Head – Anu Group of Hospitals

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Most Prominent Healthcare Marketing Industry Expert of the Year – 2022, at National wide Awards 2022, which held at Hotel Radission Blu Atria, Bengaluru.

At the young age of 32, Mr. Maddula has scaled heights of success in the field of Hospital Marketing through his aptitude, hard work, dedication, and ongoing industry awareness. His working style is innovative and result-oriented while being within the bounds of the norms and policies.

Mr. Maddula is an ideal role model for the young generation of today, especially the ones who perceive Hospital Management and Hospital Marketing as prospective career opportunities.

The core competency of Mr. Maddula lies in Business Development and Hospital Administration. This covers Operations Management and Business Promotions. Mr. Maddula is an expert in Hospital Marketing strategies also Expert in Hospital Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing strategies.

Since starting his career in 2009, Mr. Maddula has worked across varied profiles in the field of Hospital Management, at various hospitals and healthcare agencies. This has provided Mr.Maddula with widespread experience across his field. He brings with him Live experience of working in several scenarios that have made him a deft professional.

Mr.Maddula has, in the past, worked as a Hospital Manager, State Operations Manager, and Centre Head,

Mr. Maddula lists his top strengths as his Experience, Patience, Aptitude for learning new technical skills, and being Adaptive. His areas of expertise cover Marketing, Operations, Launching New Clinic/COE, and Marketing Information systems. Mr. Maddula is a native speaker of English and Telugu.

Mr. Maddula strongly advocates the importance of digital marketing for the success of any organization in today’s world. All businesses have gone online and having a website is a must to thrive in today’s world.

But, the value of digital marketing by no means ends there. Mr. Maddula has the opinion that without the aid of Digital marketing, he would not have achieved the avenue where he today stands. Digital marketing forms a quintessential part of Mr. Maddula’s work. He is an expert over a range of digital marketing techniques, and has also overseen teams to conduct digital marketing strategically for the hospitals for which he has worked.

In particular, Mr. Maddula’s experience in digital marketing is highly niche specific. He has scaled the popularity of hospitals and made them more preferable, as powered by his digital marketing prowess. The detailed digital marketing skills of Mr. Maddula include SEO, PPC, Blog writing, creating a blueprint for websites, and web designing.

Mr. Maddula believes that in Hospital Marketing, digital marketing works from both, B2B and B2C perspective. Patients can figure out the healthcare services that they are on a lookout for by themselves, or their physician can refer them to the concerned healthcare services providers. So, digital marketing works toward boosting the quality and availability of healthcare.

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