KUNDLI MILAAN should be a must in today’s time when divorces have become more rampant, says celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia

In today’s time divorces are becoming so common, the reason could be anything, be it our aspiration towards the weaker aspects of western culture- where our patience has become negligible now, where we are not willing to adjust as we know it is ok to not have a good marriage and we step out of it or as we are not used to being in a joint family set up anymore so adjustments and believing in a bigger family system smiling through all the odd we used to hear from our elders is a passé now.

But rationalising and talking about all this, one does wonder what is the remedy to save marriages and how can we all have a happily lived after story that we have grown up believing which to a level is still conditioned in our minds. Because, even now, we are a prince and a princess to our parents who deserve this fairy tale even if it’s only a tale and the best and easiest way to match up to the fairy tale in today’s time is our age-old tried tested practice of Kundli Milaan, which it does not commit a marriage or the fairy tale to sustain at least does give an outline to what it can be like.

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Mumbai based celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia says, “Apart from many ancient and astrological remedies to save breaking marriages or divorce, one of the most prominent and easy remedies is ‘Kundli Milaan’ or ‘Matching of Charts’ of the boy and girl, an ancient Hindu tradition followed by the learned sages, effective even today. It is done by matching 36 points known as “36 ganas” in which 18 ganas should be the minimum match for the alliance to be approved. These Ganas are derived from matching certain factors which then determine to us, very clearly as a benchmark, about going ahead with the alliance or not. Now when we talk about Kundli Milaan it’s just not checking on the ganas; I subjectively, yet strongly believe that charts of the boy and the girl should be studied too in detail so that both, the boy and girl also know about each other’s astrological flaws which somewhere has its effects on their day to day living, their approach to things, and their conduction with each other and with their respective families in the longer run.”

“’Kundli Milaan’ is an effective measure to reduce future divorces as it will check the compatibility of the to-be-wedded couples astrologically and indicate in the preliminary stage itself whether the said matrimony will sustain or not. This will help the couple decide very clearly about going ahead with the alliance or not, therefore reducing the chances of a beautiful alliance breaking in future but it does not guarantee that post a perfect Kundli Milaan, the marriage will not break. Understanding about one’s flaws or from knowing a person for some time and wanting to know the person better, giving your partner a chance, adjusting to one’s moods and yet, smiling it away is also a strong criterion to sustain a marriage which is a social unison of two imperfect people trying to make their life perfect with each other. Remember, matching charts is just another way to know how much can we adjust with each other in today’s time. In the gone by era too, when charts were matched, they saw a stronger social unison as India is not about individuals but families being married to each other. Kundli Milaan is to be treated purely as an astrological precaution to avoid unpleasant or unhappy marital life.”

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