LAASMO – A personal care brand to hit the market in early 2022

LAASMO is the personal care brand founded by Mr. Ashok Jindal, Mr. Latesh Garg, and Mr. Mohit Malik, inspired by the concept and the inspiring benefit of plant STEM CELL. The beauty brand LAASMO will soon hit the market by early 2022. LASSMO products will be available in Face Wash, Face Serum, Skin Booster (Skin Brightening Oil) and Hair shampoo, and all its upcoming products. LAASMO takes pride to be counted amongst one of the few brands that are into manufacturing cosmetics and personal care products that are authentic and safe with the power of nature and makes them fully loaded with the power of Plant stem cell culture.

The co-founders share the inspiration behind the launch of the unique brand LAASMO “When we first came across the benefits of stem cell and stem cell culture in cosmetics & Personal care we were totally astounded. This triggered us to widen our knowledge and to learn more about it. We began with market research for personal care products but unfortunately found out that the presence of organic product was limited in Indian market for personal uses the source was negligible along with the product with stem cell benefits is almost negligible. We were inspired by the benefits of plant stem cell extract form Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) then it prompted us to launch our Brand with organic products with benefits of Centella Asiatica stem cell and make it available all across the globe. This is how we began our journey and still looking forward in future.” 

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We all want to look great, and we expect the best possible result from the skincare efforts, but is that possible with low-quality products with likely harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals? However, plant stem cells are among the most powerful natural ingredients for fighting against aging. Plant stem cells used in skincare products are derived from plants and offer unique properties that benefit your skin, specifically to mention in terms of restoring a youthful condition affected by the aging process. LAASMO uses plant stem cells as the key ingredient due to their uniqueness that helps the skin, hair, and body look brighter and healthier.

The products available under LAASMO include LAASMO Face Wash, LAASMO Face Serum, LAASMO Skin Booster (Skin Brightening Oil), and LAASMO Hair Shampoo. The strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of plant stem cells on the products help protect against the sun, damage toxic pollutants from the environment and prevent wrinkles that make your skin appear youthful. Likewise, the hair care products help strengthen hair with plant stem cells that rebalance the scalp and ensure that the hair receives the appropriate amount of nutrients. It leaves the hair softer and reduces the risk of weakened roots. It also reduces hair loss, restores natural hair growth. It’s important to take care of your skin and hair that enhances your appearance as a whole. Our skin cell sheds as the day passes, and if you want to avoid looking imperfect, then a proper skincare routine is mandatory. It goes without saying that beautiful and shiny hair always leaves a good impression, which is why proper hair care is important. It also adds prevention of hair damage with proper hair treatment. LAASMO’s hair product reinvigorates your scalp, hair follicles and restores them to good healthy hair. 

The point of difference that makes LAASMO’s products stand out in the market is their exceptional ingredients and performance. All products are ethical, cruelty-free, and sustainable, and all are clinically tested. The personal care brand LAASMO’s products are toxin-free and harmless, being naturally extracted and proven to be safe and secured for all skin types.

Be prepared to protect your hair and scalp along with skin with LAASMO’s beauty skin and hair care products that will hit the market in early 2022. LAASMO is a family, and the family takes care of it’s members.

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