Leading Poet Pragya Sharma Received Prestigious “Doctorate in Literature* from KEISIE International University USA

Not every poem is written in iambic pentameter. The hindi language has become exceptionally rich in metrical possibilities,

As When I went out in search of such a complete writer who was a perfect poet with body, mind, conduct and pen, I found Pragya Sharma standing at every end of my search.

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As It can be understood that what can be the personality of a person who lives poetry from inside to outside and it can also be understood that even after ignoring their needs,

 those who were present to help others must have been unique. Pragya also tells her conduct that what would a healed mind be needed for the descent of Ganga in Kathouti.

Various qualities we noticed that she had No fear, no attachment, no greed, no deceit, no pretense. As if she never introduced her behavior.

Like sthitaprajna described in the gita, in every situation, prajna remains prajna. She neither allows her poet to dominate her personality nor her femininity.

There’s no need to induce something at its core, no appreciation is predicted on her facet, with it no need to earn.

So no matter she will be ideal. She is as purely surrenderred to God. As because of This she was praised for her life living.

She ventilates the struggle of her life in an exceedingly glee. She move forward dauntlessly, She is well versed within the art of living her life to the fullest.

Pragya Sharma is currently in Mumbai. When this river could not be settled in the embankments of Kanpur and Delhi, then she reached to the coast of Mumbai. She been to UAE and Qatar too pertaining to her poetic work.

She picks up the pen in the time that is saved by living life for the moment. Poetry is not written by her writing but it flows.

The beauty that is seen in her Nazms cannot be attained through spiritual practice ordinarily, it happens within the creator. When the rhythm of life becomes one with the inner sound, then somewhere in the compositions such a wave can come.

Before I met Pragya, I had no experience of self-made personality. After meeting Pragya,I realized that if a human does not mix worldly laws in the soil of that construction while building themselves, then a personality like that can be achieved this is commonly people say once they meet Dr Pragya Sharma .

Dr Pragya Sharma can be seen reciting her poetry like a happy poet from Mumbai’s poetry seminars to the country’s world.

If you ever get a chance, you will sit with this precious personality for a few moments without any work, you will realize that the time required to become Kabir is the name of this moment.

Gopal Das Neeraj’s Handwritten Poems, one of her books was published in 2019 from Prabhat Prakashan Delhi and now in May 2021,

 Dr Pragya Sharma second book Maut Ka Zindagimaa has come from Rekhta Prakashan. Dr Hari Krishna Maram Vice Chancellor Global Digital University Presented Convocation in a grand function