Legacy of Supplying Inorganic Chemicals: – Vishnu Priya Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Vishnu Priya Chemicals Pvt Ltd is an India-based company specializing in manufacturing and supplying inorganic and specialty chemicals. We also perform on-demand synthesis of organic compounds and pharmaceutical intermediates. We specialize in custom-made products.

20 years of experience in manufacturing chemical products

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We strive to introduce new products. Our professional and technical team manages all chemical reactions and adheres to the highest standards.

Our customer service, dedication and innovation help us succeed. Incorporating all these factors increases your chances of maintaining your current status. Improve and optimize all processes by using the latest technology. We have 40 years of experience in fine chemical manufacturing and are continuously working on producing new chemicals according to customer requirements. Our engineering and quality teams can handle difficult reactions and meet the highest requirements, such as ACS and analytical quality. By pursuing and implementing the highest standards of excellence, we have developed our skills. Since its inception, we have become a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of inorganic and industrial chemicals. Our products are widely used in various industries.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art production line with all the equipment needed to guarantee 24-hour production. Our employees are well trained and adhere to established industry standards and safety regulations. With our efforts to provide the highest quality products and positive feedback from our valued customers, we can realize our dream of expanding into the European and American markets. I was able to do it.

Our success in the industry is based on the pillars of innovation, quality, and true customer service strengths.

By incorporating these and other business strengths, we have strengthened our ability to maintain high-quality standards in the industry.

By adopting advanced technology, refining processes, and exploring a wider range of applications, we believe in securing our current position and creating future opportunities.

We have built a stable and reliable supply base for all domestic and overseas customers by maintaining a fast and flexible production, packaging, and delivery process. Our high-quality, pure chemicals target high-growth sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biotechnology, which are the major growth drivers of the economy.

The best team for quality control of each product aims to provide high-quality and defect-free products. We have hired an analysis team with excellent skills to carry out various quality analysis processes. Apply appropriate and relevant analysis to various reagents. Quality is one of the most important factors in all our efforts.

Quality Control 

Gravimetric, Combustion, Redox Titration , and Chelation Techniques You know all these methods well. We also intervene at the right time to investigate the process. We also regularly test our products to run the manufacturing process. We avoid the use of dangerous ingredients such as mercury acetate. Vishnu Priya Chemicals also invests in analytical tools and equipment.

Our Mission

Our mission is excellent quality products, the most effective communication, and proper legal. It is to provide the document to the customer. The best offer possible. Our approach is to set product benchmarks through strict quality control in the production chain, helping to deliver high-quality products like galvanizing flux &inhibitedglycol, etc,. on time and maintain customer satisfaction and continued sales.

Core Value

We delight our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service which drives us to act with uncompromising integrity and integrity in everything we do. We respect our social and physical environment around the world. Evaluate and develop our people’s diverse talents, initiatives, and leadership skills and win the praise of everyone who works at our firm

Best Products

Vishnupriya Chemicls products are accepted all over the world. Known for its excellent track record of meeting the needs of domestic and overseas customers.

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Website: https://vishnupriya.in
mail: info@vishnupriya.in

Phone: +91 93470 62620