“Open Mic Evening” is an opportunity for anyone to come out and share their talents whether it be reading poetry, playing music or singing. One of the Open mic event organised by Writing Maniacs Community named as “Lekhako’n Ki Antrakshari”. Writing Maniac is a community of writers founded by Mohammad Shabaz Alam and Gajala Yasmin that’s registered under MSME Act. 2006. It was organized and hosted by the Community Head of Writing Maniacs “SURIYANSHI MISHRA” and the management was done by the management head “SONA SHIVAPRIYAN”. It was held on the beautiful evening of 7th November 2021.

It was a worldwide event where writers from different state and countries joined. A number of budding poets and writers came together to celebrate the festive open mic event organised by Writing Maniacs. Event’s evening continues to evolved and has attracted many writers to showcase their talents. It was an Antrakshari evening. Rules were like one writer start reciting any write-up and then another writer start his/her by the end word of 1st writer’s writeup. Just like this chain goes and each one participated with so much enthusiasm. In between scheduled performances, Suriyanshi Mishra keeps the evening going through passing lines, jokes and complimenting each one to boost their confidence more to show themselves in among the crowd. From younger to elder each one performed very well in the event. Because of Covid-19 all are in home and one really need to do something creative.

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So virtual events are best part for anyone’s life in this pandemic time for all age groups. There is a desperate need to revive such creative platforms and activities as young writers need to soothe their creative hunger and fulfil their aspirations to showcase their talent of ink through words. Each one has great talent in penning down their emotions into words. Some of our specials performers were Fehmina Siddiqui, Kaushiki Jain, Krishma Verma, Mahboob, Pallavika Shukla, Ritu jain, Supriyo Banerjee, Vimala Kayetha and many more. This event is one of the best and memorable event for all the members of our family Writing Maniacs. Looking forward for more such events in future by god’s grace.

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