Let us all know this multi talented Kaash Fame – Manraj Singh A.K.A – Poet Manraj

Hello! This is Manraj Singh, a Poet, Storyteller, Stand up comedian, a TEDx Speaker/ TEDx performer & an Emcee who is mostly known as the “Versatile Shayar” by people. At the age of 23, He has done around 200+ live shows. At just 23, he has 13 TEDx Appearances all over India. From IIT ROORKEE’s Biggest Cultural fest..to being a celebrity guest at IIIT Allahabad, from his mesmerising Performances at TEDx events to his inspirational TEDx Talk. His journey has been a rollercoaster ride and true inspiration for those who choose to pursue their passion and dreams. Everyone loves him because of his spicy humour & the art of saying the abstract of life through his beautiful words in poetry. An absolute combination of Comedy, Poetry & Dreams makes him stand out in the race of academics, dreams and passion.

He came into the scene and was recognised after his piece “Shamshan”, which speakers about “No-one is above the death”. Maybe you’re a good doer or a bad doer. Your journey will end in one place, and that’s “Shamshan.”

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He’s also a writer of the famous poem “Kaash” which is the audience’s favourite as it has that tickling laugh & sometimes it’ll leave you with regret.

In one of his TEDx Talks, he speaks –

Life is like a train journey. With all the stations being the hurdles. 

There are stations where you’ll stop for maybe 10 minutes. Then there are stations where you might stop for a minute or two, and then there are stations you won’t even slow down too. That’s life. And the last station is your DREAM. You’ll end up being there only if you be consistent and have that never give up attitude.

As he says –

Aaega wo din jiska tumhe sadiyon se intezar tha…

Jo tmhara aur tumhare Safar ka iklauta pyar tha

Aaega wo din jab bewaqt bemausam barsaat hogi

Aur Is pal ki Gawah saari kaynaat hoti hai

Gajab hi manjar hoga hai wo tumhari Zindagi ka

Jab tumhari tumhare sapno se mulakat hogi

“Sapne dekho, Sapne sab ke sach hote hain”

– Manraj Singh

From his motivational & Inspirational talks, He’s now killing it in the scene of Stand Up Comedy & Creating memes. Being a North Indian and currently settled in Pune. He has taken the city on the new ride of content. Punekars wait for his post every day. He has done a special set, “Roast Of Pune”, which will be out soon. It is rightly said that you can take a person out of Punjab, but you can’t take punjabiness out of that person. That Punjabi Raw humour inherited from his family needs no introduction because that’s something he is proud of, as he says. Punjabi families aren’t families. They’re content. Telling stories about his family and making other people laugh has always been his way of reaching the masses. 

A dream seen at the age of 6 finally became a reality at the age of 21, and it’s still going on because he believes that “One should always be a Work in Progress till you die”.

Manraj Singh AKA. Poet Manraj & Versatile Shayar is an inspiration to a lot of people. You can also be a part of his journey by hitting up these links.

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Be a part of his journey and keep sharing Love & Smiles.