Let your hustle be louder than your mouth – Says Lokesh Rana

Yes, that’s the kind of attitude that Lokesh Rana proudly carries as a person. This is Lokesh rana (Founder of Goonj records production & Artist Factory) basically a person who’s hustling to make a mark for himself & at the same time trying to make the world a better place and following is just a sneak peek into my career so far.

Lokesh Rana Says “From a very young age & humble beginnings I took charge of my career without a lot of help to be honest. I’ve always been very passionate about art and the Entertainment so naturally that was my calling and I had found my path in life .so over a period of time I’ve been a kind of a person who is always wearing many caps  & always hungry to find and learn new things .Be it being in front of the camera and exploring my talent as an actor or be it being behind the camera and learning how the real magic happens I’ve tried to garnered as much as possible with the help of all the talented people I’ve come across in my career”
Finally after learning from good and a lot of bad days and with the help of all the experiences I’m currently working as a one-man army to be precise and my area of expertise includes:
-Founder -Goonj records production/ Artist factory
-& social work because I personally feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their bit in order to give it back to the community.

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Now let’s elaborate on each on of these roles so that you can get a little gist.
-Goonj records production
A one-stop solution for all your shooting needs where we’ve shot some amazing and successful music videos in Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi etc. we provide complete production solution which is basically video shooting, lighting, arrangement of locations ,editing and delivering the final product.
We’ve worked with some of the finest artists in the industry.
-Artist factory
This is our another area of expertise which is basically management of celebrities and providing opportunities to young emerging talents such as models & actors.
We’ve recently managed Payal rohatgi’s account when she was a part of one of the most amazing shows ‘lockup’ hosted by none other that Miss Kangna ranaut.
Also been handling Sangram Singh’s profile who’s one the finest athletes in the country.
-We are also doing great things in the area of event management and have done some prestigious events with top models of the country and planning to go international soon.

Running my own successful restaurant in Mohali punjab which is flourishing by god’s grace and blessings.

-Social work
I’ve always been a big believer in giving it back to the community, so even though I have a very tightly structured schedule
I always make time so that I can lend a hand to whosoever needs it and participate in a lot of social causes and always trying my best to do even more but obviously a man alone can only do so much. So with the help of whole community I believe we can do some good work in that area as well.
So if u find this article useful feel free to reach out.
Contact – https://instagram.com/lokeshranaofficial