Let’s know about an extraordinary platform named Eurolittles.

India’s EdTech sector is now the world’s second-largest sector, and it is just growing. By 2022, the industry is expected to be worth $3.2 billion. It’s one of the pandemic’s most rapidly growing industries. Schools and coaching groups had to rely highly on technology to continue teaching during the lockdown. Adding to that, learners also quickly adapted to this new way of teaching-learning.

The new generation of learners recognises the growing need for information that they can put into practice. Employers look for candidates who can put their knowledge into practice. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality is being used by ed-tech start-ups to help students better grasp topics. These technologies not only make learning more enjoyable but also make it easier for students to grasp complex concepts.

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EdTech start-ups in India have recently made headlines for a variety of reasons due to this lockdown, and Akshay Hemke got a chance to shine with his existing idea of Eurolittles, which was launched in 2019.

Eurolittles is a company that offers pre-school franchises all over India and outside India. They have developed educational products such as learning applications, learning kits, learning books, online classes. They have their own kids’ publications, the domain being child education. Eurolittles has its own research unit, where Eurolittles continuously researches on various ways of teaching the kids and improving their childhood education using technology. Eurolittles team is always delighted to introduce new techniques which will help improve early childhood education. The sets of activities conducted in school are both fun and learning-centric to focus on the child’s all-round growth. They want to Shape little minds in a reasonable manner.

From the moment a child is born till around 6 years of age, the amount of brain development in a child is immense. The child constantly observes and absorbs from her surroundings and the people they interact with. This is why it is extremely important that children must spend a good amount of their waking hours in a safe and intellectually stimulating environment. Eurolittles provide such an environment to kids. 

The pre-schooling sector is not up to the mark in tier 3 cities and, as a matter of fact, not even tier 2 cities. The main aim is to improve pre-school education in such towns, to make good pre-schooling affordable. The idea is to provide quality yet affordable education in a tier 2 and 3 cities, keeping in mind the economic constraints of people residing in these cities. This start-up’s other goal is to provide individuals with opportunities to get started on their own pre-schooling setup through Eurolittles’ franchisee program at an affordable cost. Eurolittles wants to help budding entrepreneurs to start their entrepreneurial journey. Eurolittles also aims to enable women to start their business journey.

Another contribution organisations like Eurolittles make towards society is, helping women set up their own businesses by becoming franchise owners. Sneha Kawale has her Eurolittles franchise in Warora (Taluka Place), Chandrapur. This is her first business venture, and she took it up as she wanted to do something independently. She chose Eurolittles because she loves to be around children and enjoys the emotional wealth that comes from interacting with little children on a daily basis. She says the best thing about their curriculum is that the child is taught in the way they like best as every child is unique. This feeling of having made a difference to so many has contributed to her current happy state of mind, more than her financial success. 

Akshay Hemke, the founder of Eurolittles, has done schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chanda, and completed his B.tech in 2019. While in college, he has filed a patent on an air-drive device that makes pen drive wireless and later pursued MBA in HR and Marketing, and in 2019 launched his EdTech start-up www.eurolittles.com . He also has Technical and sales experience with Byjus.

Akshay says, “As my family is into business, I’m very passionate about having my own business. My interest lies in Ed-tech sector, so I launched Eurolittles for the betterment of society. Here at Eurolittles we thrive towards quality education and shall continue to do so even in future.”

He says, “Think big and Grow Even Bigger. Get started and work on your goals, solve problems step by step, and definitely one day you’ll succeed”.

Eurolittles aims to expand the business through a franchisee-based model. By doing so, we want to ensure that we are providing quality education to pre-schoolers across tier 2 and 3 cities at an affordable cost.

The team is focused, customer-centric, and balanced with experienced people and the young minds of freshers to make a perfect blend of ideas and innovation.

Website: www.eurolittles.com