Let’s know about Daily Genix and the unique work they do.

11 PM on a working day, just before hitting the bed, Upasana realised that her stock of oats was not enough for the following day. With few options to buy oats at night and hardly any time to step out the next morning, she thought of skipping the regular oatmeal breakfast for her Husband. But then she placed an order in the Daily Genix mobile app, ensuring her brand of oats would be delivered by the DG Delivery Partner the next morning before 8 AM.

Most of our daily needs are indeed satisfied by the old and the newer players that are dominating the home delivery services. Still, for some of our daily necessities, which are always in demand, like fresh milk, and groceries, we often find a crunch, even if it is for a specific product.

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While you can bulk up on groceries, the same doesn’t hold suitable for milk, coconut water, and more. That’s where Daily Genix comes in and solves a true challenge so families can eat fresh every day. It enables customers to place their grocery orders anytime by 11 PM and deliver them by 8 AM the next day. 

Their contactless delivery service minimizes contact and reduces the risk of virus transmission, thereby bringing convenience to grocery shopping.

Daily Genix is a subscription-based micro-delivery service that provides customers with everyday dairy necessities and household needs each morning. Within the first few months of its launch, Daily Genix claimed an excellent position in the market.

The Team works with a motto of 


The Company Caters to the Grocery Needs Of Household living in Chandigarh Tricity and gets it delivered every day before 8 AM. Being a bootstrap started with only Chandigarh Tricity, but it is planning to expand soon to other metropolitan cities and more.

Brief History of how this was started as we all know, during the lockdown, it was difficult for all of us to find a Grocery or daily necessities required for our home. At that moment, we decided to bring up something where there is no need for a customer to step out to purchase the Daily needs. Instead, stay home and safe, and we’ll help to deliver all the necessities at the doorstep with a subscription model.

Founded by the young Lady Entrepreneurs in 2021, Daily Genix is a Punjab-based, completely bootstrap company.

From the Founders:

Nothing brings us more joy than ensuring the safety of our customers and giving them the convenience to get everything they need, all at one place.”

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dailygenix 

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