Let’s know about Himikka Kawatra, a successful artist!

Name: Himikka Kawatra

Height: 4ft

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Eye colour: Brown

Hobbies: Dance, Reading Novels, Listening to Music, Acting

Dream: To be an Actor and earn so much that I can fulfil everything that my parents want.

Work experience: Photoshoots, TV AdShort people: We maintain a great perspective on life because we’re always looking up.

Being short in height, I had to struggle with many things. Some people look at you and make fun of you when you travel. Also, many restrictions were there dealing with certain things. But I didn’t give up. I made my mind that I would live my life with my head up. All I wanted was to live in a way to motivate people so they would say, “because of this girl, I didn’t give up.” Initially, I always had an interest in acting but gave away that thought because I thought that this field was not for me being short in height.

But I met Tisha ma’am, who made me believe that height, looks, and colour doesn’t matter. What matters is your talent and your efforts towards whatever you do. I started off with photoshoots and e-commerce shoots with lookbook production. My parents have always been very supportive of whatever I wanted to do in my life. My journey is very difficult and different from others, but I am a strong girl, and my dream is big. I will do hard work for my goal and ambitions. I want to make my future secure and successful in the modelling industry and real life. I want to be a renowned personality in the fashion industry and enjoy a big smile on my face. 

Her family had always dreamed of making Himikka successful in the world and thought that she was equipped right from birth. She had constantly been exposed to taking responsibility and making a decision from a very young age, which she believes have been the key element behind the strength of taking calls towards following her passion, be it towards being an entrepreneur or being a model, a social influencer etc.

Himikka has believed that every age one should be young at heart. She believed hard work was the key to success. “I would say to everyone to do hard work and get your dreams to come true, that’s all. I’m doing it, and one day, I will surely achieve success in my life. Thanks to everyone for being a part of my life and praying for me. Keep smiling always.”

Instagram: https://instagram.com/himikkakawatra?utm_medium=copy_link