Let’s know about the journey of Prabhavan J

As the saying goes, music shouldn’t be just a tune. It should be a touch.”

Prabhavan J is not a new name to those in the related field. He is a well-known personality in music and media. His lyrics and composition touches the heart and takes the audience to a different height altogether. His story-based music videos are such that every watching individual can relate with. His skills to take up a social message through his storyline are much appreciated and talked about in the industry. A simple man with high values is what he is known to be. A trained classical singer with the talent to play a few instruments makes him a package person. 

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Being born in Patlekhet of Dhulikhel Municipality in Kavre District, Prabhavan studied up to Intermediate in Nepal and went to India for higher studies. He has done PhD in Mass Communication. With several hit songs that moved people, he is motivated to make more of such once in a lifetime songs. Some of his award-winning songs are Macchi Bhulyo, Jaal Ma Phasayu, Papi dai etc. In the first year of Covid 19, awareness songs were created by him named “Ghar mai Basau na” and sung by eight-year-old Aabha R, who is also a classical music student. His mind and pen flow at such speed that he has the ability to pen down the lyrics as per need in a day. Through Action Studio, which is one of the units of DAR Movies and Films, many upcoming singers have got an opportunity to sing and upload their videos. He has written songs for many and allowed them to sing to fulfil their interest. There will be a lot of people who will agree that they got encouraged to work with him in the direction shown by him for better work. He has made the young generation wanting to be a singer realize that their passion can also earn them livelihood and not just limit to hobbies. However, there is no substitute for hard work. He says that the benchmark for self is the last best work that one does. It doesn’t have to be what the other person has done but a continuous process of self-improvement and better working. Ultimately the viewers and the music lovers will tell how appreciated the music would be. 

With a passing time and taking ahead his passion towards music, he is working on different mediums of media Under the flagship of DAR Group of Industries like DAR Movies and Film Industries Pvt. ltd, News House Nepal, which is an online news portal and Nepal Network TV. According to Prabhavan J, they will soon be starting a Satellite television- Nepal Network TV. To make original and trademarked programs for the company, he and his team work day in and night out to plan an 18 hours’ schedule program that would be on air soon. With the trend of seeing channels taking away franchise shows from one to another, Prabhavan J thinks it is the need of time to be authentic and bring out the actual programs that are Nepali and authentic to the viewers and the participants. He is optimistic and believes that when one works with a clear ethical mind, the results are slow but are definite.