Let’s know more about Folk Singer Bhargav Panchal

Bhargav Panchal, A folk singer from Gujarat is currently making a significant contribution in popularizing Gujarati folk music amongst today’s youngsters by remaking the traditional Gujarati folk songs and bhajans that are constantly sung by the people in a fascinating and modern way.

Singing is the art or talent of a person who, by voice, relaxes your mind and gives you a sense of peace.

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Singing is something that is gift by nature. When you hear the voice of birds chirping or flowing water from mountains, the rhythm of nature blows your mind. However, such the same rhythm and sound we human beings are blessed with.

Being a part of nature, we flourish and nurture according to the tradition and culture we are grow with.

Singer Bhargav Panchal has records more than 35 Gujarati song albums in his 10 years singing carrier.

Bhargav Panchal has treated Gujarati folk Industry with some remarkable hits like “Panchal Power Wala”, “Sadhi Taru Sapnu Puru Karshe” , Sikotar Maa Ni Chundadi” & “Sadhi Maa Ni Chundadi” and Many more.

He shares, “I feel to be a blessed soul.

I have always trusted my confidence and hard work.

I have not taken any professional training in music as I belong to a family that was into music. I am thankful to my elders, who have guided me in singing. My family is my guru.”

His soulful voice is now being more lovable in every gujarati audience who live anywhere in the world.

Gujarati folk singer Bhargav Panchal has gained a good reputation as a young singer and his songs are being loved by people from youth to elders and people of all classes.

Singer Bhargav Panchal has also been honoured with many prestigious awards while this success is kissing his steps due to his interest and love for music.

Singer Bhargav Panchal is also getting a good place in the young hearts in live shows, Garba and Navratri as a singer.

His songs have garnered millions of views and yet he is preparing to create a new song to attract and entertain their audience.

He is also working hard to get more songs on his live shows and social platforms in the near future.

His live shows planned in Gujarat’s rural and urban area and audience is like to play garba and various gujarati folk dance on his songs.

Furthermore, he says: “Now every singer wants to be a YouTuber. Earlier credit was given to singers who used their original voice accompanied by instruments, in the last decade, however, this concept had become almost obsolete.

Now, more autotune and electronic music is used to transform the feel of a track.

The audience is also appreciating this trend and therefore the amalgamation of voice and electronic music has given rise to a new era in the Gujarati music industry.

Unless Gujarati folk singers add melodious tunes to light up the vibe of Navratri, the festival looks much incomplete. Hence, we are here to talk about some of them who have always enlightened the festival.

there have been some really entertaining performances from different dance groups as well over the front of Gujarati audience.

In the festival, saw popular Gujarati singers like bhargav panchal is very much famous for their folk songs and Garba in Gujarati.

He is also sung Hindi songs in his Event and entertain everyone.

Gujarati folk music is now trending in every platform and create magic in all moments.