LOCOFF- Helping Businesses take a digital leap.

A Self-sustaining SaaS Based O2O Digital Solution for Retailers, Manufactures & Wholesalers.

In today’s digital-driven world, the most important thing which retail stores struggle with is VISIBILITY. Visibility of Store, Visibility of Deals & Offers for its customers. Visibility of Products, Visibility of its Offerings.

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In spite of all the efforts made by the retail stores to give visibility of the store or give better offerings, customers either buy it online thinking it’s a better deal which they have got or take that extra effort to travel places looking for what they want.

LOCOFF offers a user-friendly SaaS based mobile app, which will bring retailers back on a spotlight. Through our platform retailers can be part of this evolving digital world wherein retailers can connect, display, send messages to their customers but at the same time sell offline. As we believe, be traditional but at the same time be at pace with the digital world.

The platform is designed and developed to support retailers to increase their Sales, Profit and Brand Equity

Our focus is Digital Visibility + Latest Offers = Better Chances of Sales

  • LOCOFF Digital Mall: Retailers also become part of a DIGITAL MALL for easy searchability. LOCOFF Digital Mall helps consumers to find local store’s offering within a 5km radius.
  • Real-Time Offers. Create Deals & Offers to attract customers. Our solution to Advertise in-store offers, deals, and products is UNIQUE. 
  • Manage Multiple Stores with a single login effortlessly and efficiently.
  • In-depth data analysis for better business strategy

LOCOFF is filling all the GAPS left behind by various players. Helping retailers to increase Sales, Profit and Brand Equity by providing them a retailer driven platform to create online presence without being on e-commerce and with help of LOCOFF Digital mall bringing them on an aggregator platform and making them searchable.


  • 27k+ Retailers onboarded across 15 Focused Cities. 20+ Manufacturers
  • 30k+ End Users, 32k+ Offers Uploaded
  • Selected in digitalization project of Municipal Corporation of Baramati. 7 apps where chosen (out of 30) for Digital Umbrella app for citizens of Baramati. Phase wise will be rolled out in other districts of Maharashtra (ex-Mumbai). Supported by ICICI foundation.

During second Lock down retailers readily accepted LOCOFF, as they realized post pandemic world has inclined more towards digital world and LOCOFF fits all their digital need without taking out from their pie. With surge in retailer numbers, LOCOFF is creating lot of interest in other players such as Manufactures and Financial institute to explore ever increasing retailer network by becoming part of LOCOFF eco-system

Targeting another 35k retailers, 200 manufactures and over another 2 lac consumers by March 2022 in 15 cities which are mix of both tier 1 and tier 2 cities spread across 7 states.

QoQ revenue has grown more than 70% and expecting 100%+ YoY growth by March 2022.


Shailendra Founder & CEO: Alumni of XLRI J and IIM-A. 17+ years of experience in IT and Management with Wipro, CLSA India. Last 8 years running an IT Consulting Firm and has been part of 3 startups before. Bachelor’s Degree in science from Mumbai University.

Arvind Operations and Sales Head: Alumni of XLRI J. 18+ years Sales. Worked for Groupon, Eatigo India, Marriots. 12 Years’ experience in Startup. Bachelor’s Degree in economics.

Numit Branding and Marketing: 15+ years in Branding & Marketing. Worked for clients like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Abbott. Specializing in Employer Branding & Change Management.