Love. Faith. Religion. Who wins in the master plan? | Prayer AT The Riverfront

On [DATE] July 2022,  Salim Hansa – A Banker & author has inquisitively published a book – ‘Prayer At The Riverfront’. The Novel at the core of it is a love story but which love story doesn’t have twist?

“Prayer at the Riverfront”  questions the existence of God and the relevance of faith and if at all religion is needed?  as the love story finds itself chocked by religious beliefs, the God himself lands helping hand.

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Salim’s passion and zest for writing took him to the stage to present his debut book with the reverent dignitaries.

Love or Religion? Which is the most worshipped thing?

Can an individual worship both together irrespective of the cultural and social alterations?

Is it necessary for an individual to follow a specific religion in order to meet God?

“Religion and culture are two different practices that every individual follows. It’s questionable to  symbolize any cultural practices titling it under particular religion. Every individual is a free bird to follow any culture irrespective of religious contradiction.

In an interview, Mr. Salim discussed the questions raised in his book that revolves around society’s mindset and their belief towards following a certain religion. Through this book launch, he attempts to clarify the boundaries between culture and religion and acknowledges the dangers and dichotomy in accepting cultural relativism.

Th novel in its most subtle way questions if at all Humans uses God or God uses Human ?

If at all praying is needed?

Prayer At The Riverfront is a story of Kabir, an MBA student who falls in love with the fiercely independent and headstrong Nilam. Despite the vast differences in financial, social, and cultural status, love ignited between them. As feared, differences between families and societies pose a hurdle.

Led by a dismantled mindset of the society, both parted their ways for an interminable time that made readers flip a few more pages. The love story of both the protagonists is extremely heart-warming and inspiring that reflects their strong bond, and immutable love during tough times. But, do you think Kabir and Nilam ended up together? Did they bring any change to the perspectives of society? To find all answers to your question, grab your copy now.

The reviews of these books are truly inspiring and quite overwhelming. “ Hey Mr. Salim Hansa, I have just read your debut novel and can’t hold more to say that this book is intriguing read!

The best I have ever come across in the love story niche. I just love the concept and your style of presenting the drama, humor, suspense, and emotions in the most subtle way. The adorability of the characters is profound and there is no way, simply no way for someone to read it right till the end without shedding a few drops of tears. Worth reading!”

Prayer At The Riverfront is successfully running across the platforms and has brought really some valuable insights about the readers contributing towards transforming the perspective towards love and God. It questions and triggers the thought of the existence of God and the belief of people towards him taking the foundation of a different religion.

Salim Hansa is an intellectual and dedicated author who loves to engross deeply into the concept and loves to pen out ideas into a book. He has a knack for word choice and can make every statement persuasive. Even while writing the book, he carefully paid attention to every minute detail and kept on improving to make the draft increasingly accurate and precise.

According to Mr. Salim Hansa, “Love is a universal and all-pervasive religion that doesn’t need any scientific title to prove its existence and uniformity. Love is a religion that stands above any belief and hope and it cannot be judged or justified just because of cultural impediments.”

This book captures the sublime and allows him to narrate and present his beliefs, and thoughts about love, faith, and religion. It takes readers through the magical love story of Kabir and Nilam laced with emotions, suspense, drama, and humor. It even uncovers the way in which the practice of love creates a common ground of faiths amongst people with a different perspective in context to religion.

The prayer book follows the strains and struggles of Kabir and  Nilam with some cherishable moments that made the book quite happening. And you can expect hilarious laughs and in contrast, may shed a few drops while reading the book. Don’t fail to catch the master plan. That’s the secret sauce behind this book.

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