Make a mark in the field of teaching with holistic teacher training from NIECCE.

NIECCE is India’s premier teacher training institute established in the year 2004 with the mission to turn every aspiring teaching professional cognitively enriched and effectively train to provide them with an opportunity to obtain valuable skills about teaching techniques. Striving to develop the institute into a centre of academic excellence, NIECCE has a demonstrated history of building a generation of over 3500 candidates with Training and placement assistance since its inception and aim to become the specialised and most preferred pre-primary teachers’ trainers across India.

Needless to say, teachers are an integral part of the education system, and proper teacher training helps teachers in the art of expressing themselves. Regular training and feedback keep teachers’ current knowledge in pedagogical trends and reinforce what works. A student’s development and growth are totally dependent on how a teacher teaches to make the lives of the students more accessible and improve students learning. An effective teacher’s training is not just an important aspect of the teacher’s career but also a student’s life.

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NIECCE provide a myriad of courses that includes:

  • Diploma in Nursery Education (An undergraduate course for nursery teacher training)
  • Primary Teacher Training (A course designed for becoming a primary teacher)

The diploma in nursery education course aims to equip candidates with planned teaching methods to create and maintain a secure learning environment to teach and develop children under 5. The course is available for the duration of 6 months or 180hrs in addition to the internship. Though the diploma course is for nursery teacher training, it covers a lot of diverse topics that include history and philosophy of pre-primary Education, Nursery child psychology, methods and material’s of nursery Education, nursery school Organisation, child health and nutrition together with practical subjects.

Diploma in Primary Education course is designed to benefit both aspiring and in-service teachers who are keen to get a certificate in Diploma in Elementary Education known as Primary Teachers training. The course makes the teachers eligible to work in every school irrespective of the Board of Education, such as ICSE, CBSE or any state and International curriculum in esteemed private institutions across the country. The course is available for the duration of 1 year. The passed out candidates by far got successfully recruited in over 200 schools. Post completion of the training, an individual will be qualified to start their own pre-school as well.

The team at NIECCE is entrusted with a highly qualified professional and expertise in advanced and personalised coaching from top-notch faculty members under one roof and at a very affordable cost. NIECCE strive to develop and produce world-class teachers with leadership qualities. Their highly experienced, result-oriented faculty and professionals leave no stone unturned in providing the latest practical knowledge to the teachers with positive outcomes. Their highly updated, relevant and well-researched study material together with interactive sessions makes them stand out in the crowd. They are committed to providing individual attention to the teachers. The institute has earned up an exceptional reputation for academic achievement, and as a result, its alumni and professors hold it in high respect.

Claim to Fame – NIECCE

  • Besides a teacher training Institute, NIECCE is widely considered as a platform for teacher recruitment.
  • It claims to be the preferred institute by CBSE, ICSE, International and state board schools to recruit teachers for their institutions. 

– In addition to the teaching curriculum, it hosts frequent seminars and workshops led by teaching specialists in the field of education to provide value to aspiring educators.

– The director M.R Sampath is recognised with several country level and state level Awards.

– The institute is accredited by IOA, ISO, FICS, UK.

The teacher training program offers teachers with new methods so that they can keep their classroom and curriculum fresh, exciting and highly knowledgeable. NIECCE provides access to new teaching styles so teachers are fully equipped with new skills and can effectively transfer their message to the students. The teachers training certificate and Early Childhood Care Education Certification from NIECCE helps the teachers with better salary packages in well-developed schools. Some take the opportunity to build a school of their own, while some earn a good position either as a principal of a top-notch school or top position in the school’s management.

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