Make learning experience for toddlers happy with ISRA Happy Hours Preschool

Has your little munchkin explored every nook and corner of the house? Are they ready to explore the outer world and take their tiny steps towards learning? Are they enthusiastic about learning poetry and memorizing the colors, numbers, and other facts? Then enrolling children in a preschool that fosters creativity and develops social and emotional skills is critical, as it is the first step toward a more enlightened world. With an aim to help children develop intellectual skills, ISRA Happy Hours Preschool is welcoming toddlers by extending their love and support. The preschool is catering to all the needs of each child that are required for your child’s growth and development.

Your child’s journey into a cooperative learning environment, where they can explore hobbies and study in a more structured setting, begins with the preschool programme. ISRA Happy Hour Preschool’s caring and empathetic teachers assist your child in transforming everyday encounters into educational opportunities.
Bringing joy to the lives of children

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The preschool covers helping children or teaching toddlers to learn and grab the concepts in an easy manner like the Play way method.  ISRA preschool gives its best to create a friendly environment for the children.  Quality Education is the first preference of this school.  ISRA provides the right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals.

This happy-go-lucky preschool was founded under the guidance and vision of Pushpendra Rao. The virtuoso with a strong business and creative acumen started this preschool to add joy to the lives of children.

Talking about the idea behind the preschool, the founder said, “Guiding toddlers when they step towards the first phase of life is what makes me happy. These years would teach them and make them learn about a lot of things which will remain with them for a long time. When toddlers step into my preschool seeing them happy makes me feel proud as I am contributing to their development. At our preschool, we not only focus on the curriculum but also give equal importance to the extra-curricular activities to maintain a balance between studies and activities which  is very important for their mental growth.”

Their exceptional Pedagogy

They think that curriculums should be age-appropriate and tailored to your children’s current stage of development. They chose Creative Curriculum because of the system’s value and quality, as well as how it aligns with a child learning philosophy. With intentional, detailed preparations for each age group and curriculum that considers every type of learner, Creative Curriculum has assisted them in raising their educational standards. Creative Curriculum encourages students to acquire confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking abilities through inquiry and discovery as a method of learning.

Currently, they are situated in Rajasthan and Gujarat and are gradually expanding themselves to each and every corner of the nation. Their pedagogical approach is ECCE which aims at the holistic integrated nature of child development. ISRA prompts growth in all domains and stimulates curiosity and exploration among the kids. Their curriculum is transacted in the form of play-based and activity-based so that children can be allowed to engage actively in the process to learn, practice, and master skills at each level.

What makes their curriculum unique is that it is based on objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. Their activities include yoga, Abacus, art & craft, phonics, and fitness which help them acquire skills that are necessary for holistic upscaling.

Looking at the situation of the pandemic, they have planned to introduce ‘An Online School Program’. This will keep students safe at home and even keep them protected under the vision of their parents as the situation is still critical outside. With a vision to expand the business, they want to expand their franchise in every nook and corner of the country. I’m on Instagram as @isra_happy_hours. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.